Recycle Right

The City of Coral Springs offers curbside and drop-off recycling and waste disposal services. The Recycle Right Coral Springs program aims to manage and conserve resources sustainably through proper recycling, safe hazardous waste disposal, and waste reduction.

Let's Get Back to the basics of recycling, Recycle Right Campaign

All recyclables must be empty, clean, and dry. Please rinse liquid and food from containers.

*Plastic bags are not recyclable. If recyclables are placed in plastic bags, your cart will not be collected, or the cart’s contents will be thrown away at the recycling facility.

What can I place in the recycling cart (blue cart)? *

  • Plastic Bottles and Jugs #1 and #2 with Twist Caps
    i.e., beverage, detergent, and spray bottles (spray nozzles are not recyclable, please separate)
  • Plastic Containers #3 to #7
    i.e., yogurt containers
  • Aluminum, Steel, and Tin Cans
    i.e., coffee cans, vegetable cans, and 100% aluminum party cups
  • Brown, Clear, and Green Glass Bottles and Containers
  • Paperboard – Cut and Flatten
    i.e., cereal and cardboard boxes
  • Mixed Paper
    i.e., junk mail, newspapers, magazines, and office paper
  • Milk and Juice Cartons

* All recyclables must be empty, clean, and dry. Please rinse liquid and food from containers.

What materials are not allowed in the blue cart?

When in doubt, throw it out or contact us. We ask all residents to prevent contamination by recycling properly and throwing remaining items in the trash (green cart).

  • Plastic Bags – All Bags Including Shopping, Garbage, and Zip Lock
    * if recyclables are placed in plastic bags, the entire bag will be thrown away at the recycling facility
  • Food Contaminated Items
  • Polystyrene (Styrofoam)
  • Yard Waste and Wood
  • Household Appliances and Electronics
    i.e., batteries, light bulbs, cords and wires
  • Plastics Not Listed Above
    i.e., hangers, toys, shower curtains, coffee cup lids, iced coffee cups, solo cups, plastic straws, plastic utensils, flexible plastic such as film and wrapping.
  • Unnumbered Plastics
  • Napkins, Paper Towels, Tissues
  • Shredded Paper and Receipts
    no paper less than 4” in size
  • Wet/Dirty Cardboard, Newspaper, Paper
  • Clothes and Fabrics
    i.e., bedding
  • Porcelain and Ceramics
  • Mirrors, Windows, Auto Glass
  • Glass and Metal Bakeware/Cookware
  • Tires
  • Hoses
  • Bio Waste
    i.e., needles, medical supplies
  • Propane Tanks
  • Hazardous Material
  • Construction Debris

The City of Coral Springs offers curbside recycling (roll-out carts) to single-family homes and low-density multi-family homes. Waste Pro collects the blue cart (1) one time per week.

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Do I have to close the lid on my cart when setting it curbside?

Yes, it is important to keep the lid on your cart closed at all times. This keeps recyclables dry and prevents them from blowing out of the cart and littering your neighborhood.

It is past my usual pick-up time. What do I do?

While the truck drivers try to keep a consistent schedule, everything from vehicle maintenance to traffic to weather can affect the time that your recyclables will be collected. Hours of collection are 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on the scheduled service day. Please be patient. Leave your recycling cart curbside. If you are concerned that it is late or if other carts on your street have already been emptied, call Waste Pro at 954-282-6800. Please note that pick-up can also occur early. If your cart is curbside by 7:00 a.m., your recycling will be collected.

What should I do if my recycling cart is damaged or stolen?

If your recycling cart is damaged or stolen, please contact Waste Pro at 954-282-6800 for assistance with repairing or replacing it.

May I request an additional 64-gallon recycling cart?

Yes. Residents who routinely fill their 64-gallon carts to capacity with clean and proper recycling, may contact Waste Pro at 954-282-6800 to request an additional 64-gallon cart for a one-time $75.00 fee.

Currently, the city does not offer recycling services for multi-family homes. If multi-family homes desire to provide these services, they must coordinate with a provider of their choice and will be responsible for payment.

Where may I drop off my clean recyclables?

Residents may drop off recyclables at the following locations:

Waste Transfer Station
12600 Wiles Road

Open Saturdays and Sundays

Mullins Park outside the Coral Springs Gymnasium
2501 Coral Springs Drive

Open 24/7

Whispering Woods Park
7701 Wiles Road

Open 7 Days, 8:00 a.m. to Sunset

The Compost Coral Springs program offers composting services free of charge for residents.
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The City of Coral Springs offers household hazardous waste collection services free of charge for residents. Collection takes place at the Waste Transfer Station every first full weekend of the month. Special household hazardous waste collection days are available throughout the year for a wider range of materials.

Batteries are not accepted at the Waste Transfer Station
Lithium-ion batteries should not go in household garbage or recycling bins. Not only do they contain critical raw minerals that can be reused if recycled, but they may be a fire hazard if damaged and improperly disposed. See the external resources below for safe battery disposal.

The City of Coral Springs and WastePro utilize the service provider, "Clean Harbors", to dispose of accepted household hazardous waste items, including electronics. The electronics recycling program at Clean Harbors recycles certain items disposed of in household hazardous waste collection by dismantling the equipment into marketable materials.

How can I recycle items not included in Coral Springs’ hazardous waste or recycling services?

For Households:

For Businesses/Governments/Large Purchasers:

*Disclaimer: The external sites listed are for informational purposes only. The City of Coral Springs does not endorse any of these entities or their services.