Office of Sustainability

The Office of Sustainability serves to enhance and balance Coral Springs' environmental, economic, and social well-being.

Department Head

Dr. Andrea Lemaitre, Office of Sustainability Manager

Dr. Andrea Lemaitre

Dr. Andrea Lemaitre joined the City of Coral Springs as Sustainability Manager in 2023. She is responsible for implementing and managing the City’s Sustainability Action Plan, developing policy, coordinating city initiatives across departments, providing education and outreach, and partnering with the community and external organizations.

The City of Coral Springs is proud to have a long-standing commitment to sustainability and resilience since its inception as a master-planned community in 1963. The Office of Sustainability was established in 2021 to enhance and highlight this commitment within the community and local government. It is within the Department of Budget and Sustainability.

What is Sustainability?
Coral Springs’ definition of community sustainability aligns with global sustainability: the balance of environmental, economic, and social resources to ensure that each area can thrive without comprising the others for long-term prosperity, health, and well-being for all. The city’s approach to sustainability within local government expands on this definition to include the best management of financial and operational resources.

Together, we can become a more Sustainable Coral Springs!

The Sustainability Action Plan (SAP) is a city-wide strategy to be implemented by local government, community partners, and residents. The first SAP was adopted in 2022 and outlines the focus areas, goals, and objectives of the Office of Sustainability. The overarching goals of the SAP are to: (1) reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and (2) ensure the financial, operational, and environmental sustainability of City programs, projects, and policies.

The four primary focus areas are:

  • Energy and Innovation
  • Building Green
  • Resource Management and Conservation
  • Economic and Community Vitality

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Access information and data about our work and accomplishments on the Sustainability Dashboard. The dashboard is updated annually.

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