Vice Mayor Joshua Simmons

Commissioner Seat 4


Commissioner Joshua Simmons was appointed as Vice Mayor for the City of Coral Springs in December 2020 and reappointed in 2021. Elected to office in November 2018, Simmons made history as the first African American Commissioner in Coral Springs to be elected since the city became incorporated in 1963. 

He has been an instrumental voice for the Black community in Coral Springs, leading initiatives like Emmy-Award Winning ‘Conversations with a Commissioner,’ a video series focused on open discussions about race, equality and police practices. 

Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, Simmons graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Political Science and a Master of Science in Psychology from Florida Atlantic University. Prior to his Coral Springs career, Simmons worked in the mental health field and as an educator at Coral Springs High School. Currently, Simmons works in the private sector as an Account Manager for Hotwire Communications.

Inspired by a former colleague who served on the Finance Committee for President Barack Obama, Simmons pursued his own path in politics with the goal to ensure Coral Springs remains a great and safe community for people of all ages, races and religious backgrounds. 

When he is not working or serving the residents of Coral Springs, Simmons enjoys reading, sports, video games and traveling.