Home Repair Program


The Home Repair Program is designed to provide assistance to low- and moderate-income owner-occupied households (refer to chart below) whose market value does not exceed $320,000. Households can receive up to $40,000 in home repair assistance (the program does not reimburse for rehabilitation that was done prior to applying for assistance).

Income Criteria for HOME, SHIP and CDBG Programs 

Household Size

Very Low 30% (30%)

Low (31-50%)

Moderate (51- 80%)

1  $17,700 $29,500 $42,150
2 $20,200 $33,700 $53,900
$22,750 $37,900 $60,650
4  $25,750  $42,100 $67,350
5  $30,170  $45,500  $72,750
6  $34,590  $48,850  $78,150
7  $39,010  $52,250  $83,550
8  $43,430  $55,600  $89,950


Please take into account all sources of income, including salary/wages, child support and social security payment (including disability and retirement). Maximum allowable property value (according to Property Appraiser) cannot exceed $320,000.

Note: If you are not aware of the market value, you may check it at BCPA.net

Application Process is Closed

Applications are taken on a continuous basis; however, funds are awarded on a first-come, first-certified, and first-served basis. Grant funds are provided with no payment schedules as a fifteen-year loan. Six point seven percent of the grant is forgiven per year, so that at the end of fifteen years, the loan has a zero balance and is 100% forgiven.