Home Repair Program


The Home Repair Program is designed to provide assistance to low-and moderate-income owner-occupied households (refer to chart below) whose home assessed valued does not exceed $568,557. Households can receive up to $40,000.00 in home repair assistance. (The program does not reimburse for rehabilitation done prior to acceptance of assistance.)

Income Criteria for SHIP and CDBG Programs

Household Size

Very Low
30% AMI

31-50% AMI

51- 80% AMI

SHIP Funding Limits
120% AMI

1 $20,200 $33,600 $53,800 $80,640
2 $23,050 $38,400 $61,450 $92,160
$25,950 $43,200 $69,150 $103,680
4  $30,000  $48,000 $76,800 $115,200
5  $35,140  $51,850  $82,950  $124,440
6  $40,280  $55,700  $89,100  $133,680
7  $45,420  $59,550  $95,250  $142,920
8  $50,560  $63,400  $101,400  $152,160


Please take into account all sources of income, including salary/wages, child support, and social security payments (disability and/or retirement). Maximum allowable property value (according to Property Appraiser) cannot exceed $568,557.00.

Note: If you are not aware of the assessed property value, you can be check it at BCPA.net

We are currently accepting applications for our waiting list and kindly request a phone call for all submissions.

Applications are taken on a continuous basis; however, funds are awarded on a first-come, first-certified, and first-served basis. Grant funds are provided with no payment schedules as a fifteen-year loan. Six point seven percent of the grant is forgiven per year, so that at the end of fifteen years, the loan has a zero balance and is 100% forgiven.