Business Tax Office

The Business Tax Office and Registrations is responsible for handling business tax receipts for commercial and home-based businesses, abandoned/vacant property registration, neighborhood preservation, and landlord registration. Furthermore, the department looks to gain and maintain compliance through communication and education with business partners that call the City of Coral Springs home.

Apply for a business tax registration or make changes to a current business tax registration.

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Listed below is an example of some business tax categories along with the corresponding amounts.  

Business Tax Category 

Merchant, Retail & Wholesale     Business Tax Amount 
 Stock $10,000 or less $225.89
 Stock $10,001 to $100,000 $404.57
 Stock $100,000 to $250,000 $811.70
 Stock over $250,000 $1,218.83


Restaurant   Business Tax Amount 
 Carry-Out and Delivery (0 to 75 capacity)      $241.20
 Carry-Out and Delivery (76 and over) $606.22


Merchant, Retail & Wholesale   Business Tax Amount 
 Gas Server Stations and Representative  $404.58
 Gas Stations, Repair and Mechanic (and Mart)    $567.95
 Gasoline Service Station $241.21
 Gasoline Service Station with Mini Mart $404.58


Most other types of businesses not listed     $160.80


Do you operate a business from your home? Every home-based business in Coral Springs needs a license renewed annually.

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The City of Coral Springs welcomes all types of businesses. When a business tax application for a commercial location is submitted, it will be reviewed by the city’s Zoning Division to make sure the type of business fits with the zoning for its location. It will also be reviewed by the Building Department to make sure the location is permitted for that specific use.

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If you are not certain whether the location you are considering has the correct zoning for your type of business, please contact the Zoning Division 954-344-1160 before you sign the lease for your office or commercial space.

In an effort to curtail the problem of abandoned and neglected properties, the City Commission on June 3, 2008 adopted Ordinance 2008-109 establishing Chapter 16 ½ in the Land Development Code, requiring lenders to register vacant and or abandoned residential buildings with the city's Code Compliance Division. 

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In an effort ensure that residential rental property is maintained at the city’s strict standards, the City Commission adopted Ordinance 2011-122 and Ordinance 2012-115 establishing the Landlord Registration Program in 2011.

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Residential rental properties with 2, 3 or 4 units are required to have an annual inspection, and the fee for this inspection is collected at the same time the landlord registration and local business tax fees are collected. The fee is $104.44.

The inspection is made of the exterior of the property and includes the maintenance of the building, yard and parking areas. The purpose and scope of the inspection program can be found in the Land Development Code Section 215 (b).

Payments for Business Tax, Landlord Registration, Abandoned Property Registration, or Neighborhood Preservation Annual Inspection Fee may be paid online.


  1. You must first create an account.
  2. After you create the user account you will need to search for your particular license by name, number or location address, then follow the prompts to make payment.
  3. Payments may be dropped off at City Hall or made by mail addressed to:

City of Coral Springs
Attn: Business Tax
9500 W. Sample Rd.
Coral Springs FL 33065