I own and occupy a single‐family house. Do I have to register?

No. Only vacant residential buildings or dwellings must register.

I own a single‐family house which is occupied by tenants. Do I have to register?

No. Only vacant residential buildings or dwellings must register.

I currently live in my home, it is in default with my mortgage company.  Do I have to register?

No, the mortgagee, or designee must inspect the property monthly until either the default is remedied or is found to be vacant or shows evidence of vacancy.  At that time, it is deemed an abandoned dwelling and the mortgagee shall within ten (10) days of the inspection, register the property.

I own an apartment complex with multiple buildings containing multiple dwelling units. Some buildings are completely vacant. Other buildings are fully or partially occupied. Do I have to register all or some of the buildings?

If a building containing multiple dwelling units, has one owner and has at least one unit occupied, no registration of that building is required. However, if a building containing multiple dwelling units, has one owner and all units are vacant AND the mortgage is in default, yes, the mortgagee must register that property.

I own a single‐family house that is for sale but has been vacant for more than a month. Do I have to register?

Only if the mortgage is in default. Regardless of "for sale" status, the mortgagee of any residential dwelling that is vacant and in default must register the property within 10 days of inspection.

When do I register?

Properties should be registered as soon as they meet the requirements of this ordinance.

Where do I go to register?

The form is available online at and can be submitted by e-mailing it to csbusinesstax@coralsprings.gov

Once entered into our system, you will be e-mailed an invoice that can be paid online. As an alternative, you can mail the completed application and $150 payment to our office at 9500 W. Sample Rd, Coral Springs FL  33065, Attn: Abandoned Property Registration.

How much does it cost to register?

The registration fee is $150 per vacant property per year.

Once I register, how long does the registration last?

Twelve months from the registration date.

At the end of the twelve months, must I register again?

No, you do not have to file a new registration form, but you pay the renewal registration for the next twelve month period if the residential building remains vacant at the time of renewal.

I previously registered my vacant residential building, but it is now occupied. What do I do?

If at any time during the twelve month registration period the residential building becomes occupied, the owner must file an amended registration statement within five days of occupancy notifying the city of such occupancy – this can be in the form of an e-mail. The office will remove the location as registered as abandoned unless it has reason to believe the building is vacant.

If my residential building becomes occupied, can I receive a refund or partial refund?

No. Refunds are not issued.

I recently acquired a building for which a registration application was filed by the previous owner five months ago. Must I do anything?

Yes. If the transfer is between mortgage companies or mortgage servicers, as the new owner, you must submit an Abandoned and or Vacant Property Registrations as the new owner. Registrations are not transferable. If you are a third party (such as an investor or someone who intends to rent or live in the dwelling) who has purchased the property, it no longer needs to be registered.

I am the owner that filed the original registration application, but my contact and/or agent information has changed. Must I do anything?

Yes. You must notify us in writing or by e-mailing csbusinesstax@coralsprings.gov within 10 days of the change in the information provided in the initial registration application.

Once I register, is there anything else I have to do for the next twelve months with respect to the vacant residential building?


Within 10 days of registration, you must secure the building from unauthorized entry in accordance with the housing code standards

Post a sign affixed to the building indicating the 24-hour contact name, address and telephone number of the owner and the owner’s authorized agent

Maintain the building in a secure and closed condition

Maintain any legal signage until the building is again occupied

Monitor the property to prevent code violations

Compliance with these requirements of Ordinance 2008-109 does not excuse compliance with other applicable code requirements, such as the City of Coral Springs Code of Ordinances