On-Site Public Art Requirements

The checklist is provided for every property owner that chooses to satisfy the on-site public art requirement. The checklist is a guide.

DEVELOPMENT SERVICES STAFF MEETING: As early as possible in the development of the property, discuss the Public Art Program and construction project with the assigned Development Services staff member and Public Art Consultant.

OWNER’S CHOICE: Determine as early as possible, the choice to satisfy the public art requirements by 1.) providing public art on the property or 2.) paying an art fee in-lieu of placing artwork on the property.

SITE PLAN APPROVAL: Prepare a site plan with public art location(s), a general description of artwork type, and schematic budget. Must be reviewed and approved by Development Services staff.

ARTIST SELECTION: Development Services staff and Public Art Consultant can provide a list of pre-approved artists to the property owner upon request. Property owner will submit the selected artist to the Public Art Consultant prior to presenting to the PAC. Public Art Consultant will make sure the artist meets the adopted Public Art Guideline requirements. The selected artist(s) qualifications will be presented to the Public Art Committee for approval.

ARTWORK PROPOSAL APPROVAL: Prepare public art proposal and present it to Public Art Committee for approval. The proposal includes detail drawings and description of public art, drawings of public art site, final budget and a copy of the contract with the artist.1

FINAL APPROVAL: Inform Development Services staff and Public Art Consultant of the installation of public art and plaque on the property and submit final documentation of artwork and maintenance plan. 2 After on-site review of artwork by representatives of the Public Art Committee and Public Art Consultant, the Public Art Committee will evaluate if the finished work matched the approved public art proposal.