Guide for Developers

All development, redevelopment, remodeling or converting greater than twelve thousand five hundred (12,500) square feet in gross floor area which are in non-residential districts, or in mixed use or multi-family districts on plots greater than one (1) acre as of the effective date of this section, shall participate in the Public Art Program. When construction is phased, the aggregate gross square footage of the entire project or development shall be added together to determine whether the twelve thousand five hundred (12,500) square foot threshold is reached.


Each property owner constructing a new development, redevelopment or renovating an existing building, that falls under the Public Art Program of Coral Springs, has a significant decision regarding compliance with the public art ordinance.

Choice #1 - Purchase and maintain Public Art on the property

Choice #2 - Make a contribution to the Public Art Fund

Either choice satisfies the public art requirements, and the Public Art Ordinance and Public Art Guidelines offer several incentives to contribute to the Public Art Fund.

Contribution to the Public Art Fund is only 80% of the required expenditure when purchasing public art for the property. The property owner is relieved of any responsibility to purchase the public art and to maintain the public art into the future. At the time of contribution to the Public Art Fund, the property owner can specifically sponsor future artworks to be purchased for city parks, entrances, roadways and other properties. This sponsorship will be recognized on:

  • A plaque near the artwork itself;
  • A contribution board located in City Hall or another public building; and
  • Recognition at the artwork dedication and in the dedication publicity.

The City recommends the property owner or representative meet with city staff as soon as possible to discuss the choices. 

Application Process

Step 1.On-site Public Art Schedule

  1. Early site planning can improve the project and speed the approval process.
  2. Please visit the Public Art Fee Schedule to obtain information on the Public Art Impact fees.
  3. Site plan submittal satisfy all public art siting requirements
  4. See checklist
  5. Building permit issuance.
  6. Secure approval of artist and artwork by Public Art Committee. This can take up to 6 months after obtaining building permit.
  7. Escrow funds are released

Step 2.Contribution to the Public Art Program