Checklist of Requirements

First Artwork(s)

  • Minimum of 75% of art budget spent for artwork that is viewable from the sidewalk or other public space.

Second Artwork(s)

  • Up to 25% of the art budget may be spent for additional artwork(s), accessible to the public, but not viewable from the sidewalk.

Site Plan

  • Draw view cone(s) between artwork and sidewalk or other public space. View from driving automobiles is important.
  • Show all design features to create a space with foreground and backdrop for artwork.
  • Show pedestrian access to the artwork.
  • Hide light fixtures shining on artwork from public view.

Certified Lighting Plan

  • Concentrated lighting of artwork that is at higher foot-candles than surrounding area.

Separate Landscape Plan

  • Verify that landscaping does not block view of artworks from sidewalk or other public space.
  • Use of landscaping as appropriate backdrop and foreground for public art.
  • Trees do not shade the artwork, unless the artwork is designed for shade.

Engineering Plans

  • No elements block view of artworks from sidewalk or other public space.
  • No elements are inappropriate distraction near artwork.
  • Unlikely that the automobile will have an accident with the artwork.
  • If freestanding sculpture, provide a note on the drawings recognizing a required future amendment to demonstrate that the foundation and attachment of artwork to the foundation will comply with the South Florida Building Code.

Building Elevation

  • If artwork is within 10 feet of the building elevation (including murals or elements attached to building), then show a generalized shape as the estimated size of the artwork.