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Whether you are a recent college graduate taking your first steps to begin a career in law enforcement or you are an experienced officer seeking a new challenge, the Coral Springs Police Department wants to talk to you!

Law Enforcement Trainee Candidates 

Not a certified, experienced officer? That’s ok! The Law Enforcement Trainee position is designed for candidates who meet the Coral Springs Police Department's minimum education requirement of a bachelor’s degree but do not possess the required professional experience to automatically qualify as a Law Enforcement Officer. The Law Enforcement Trainee position also offers an opportunity for candidates who have served active duty in any branch of the military for a minimum of 2-years and that have also earned a minimum of 60-college credits to become certified, Law Enforcement Officers.

Law Enforcement Trainees are employees of the Coral Springs Police Department. They earn 10% below the current starting salary for Law Enforcement Officer from the moment that they are hired and throughout their attendance in the Police Academy. Additionally, police academy tuition, equipment and uniforms are all provided by the department.

What is required of you? In one word, COMMITMENT. The position of Law Enforcement Trainee is designed for those fully committed to a career as a Law Enforcement Officer. The Coral Springs Police Department only hires Law Enforcement Trainees who are prepared to become Law Enforcement Officers immediately upon successful completion of the Police Academy.

Experienced Officer & Florida Certified Self-Sponsor Candidates

Are you an experienced officer ready to join our team? We have officers on our force who started their career anywhere from the Las Vegas Strip to the mountains of Vail, Colorado to the bright lights of New York City. Whether you are an experienced officer with a few years on the job or a someone who took the initiative to self-sponsor through a police academy in the State of Florida, we would like to talk to YOU!

To qualify for hiring consideration as a Law Enforcement Officer, you must fall into one of the following categories.

I am an experienced, certified Law Enforcement Officer from anywhere in the country with more than two-years on the job and I also possess an Associate’s Degree or, 60-College Credits toward a Bachelor’s Degree.


I successfully attended a police academy in the State of Florida and I also possess a Bachelor’s Degree or higher level of education.

Many of our officers that have worked for other departments tell us that they are significantly busier and held to a higher standard of performance than they experienced at their previous employment. They also tell us that they receive more recognition and are more fulfilled professionally than ever before. If you are looking to join a department where hard work and commitment are rewarded with a solid compensation package and opportunity for growth and advancement, the Coral Springs Police Department is for YOU!

Education Requirement

The Coral Springs Police Department is committed to professionalism. One of the indisputable paths to professionalism is education. Numerous studies provide evidence that officers who hold a college degree are significantly less likely to use force as their first option to gain compliance, are more likely to survive serious encounters and demonstrate greater levels of diversity acceptance and cultural awareness. There is also evidence that officers who hold an undergraduate degree perform on par with officers that have 10 years of job experience.

90% of our Officers hold a bachelor’s degree or higher level of education. We are proud to be in the 1% of law enforcement agencies nation-wide to require a bachelor’s degree of every candidate that applies without 2-years of active-duty military or certified law enforcement experience.

Experience is also immensely valuable to our department. While we are firm on our education requirement, we will hire military veterans and experienced officers without a bachelor’s degree. However, they must be at least half-way (60-credits) towards earning their bachelor’s degree at the time of application and sign a contract committing to complete their bachelor’s degree within their first 5-years of employment. 


Law Enforcement Officer

We recruit for Law Enforcement Trainees as needed. When availabilities exist they will be posted here. 

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