Compensation, Union Contract and Benefits

Competitive Compensation

The Coral Springs Police Department offers one of the most competitive compensation packages in the State of Florida with a current starting salary of $69,881 and up to 10% above the established starting salary for certified, experienced officers. Current top out pay is just shy of $110,162. Our officers are provided with uniforms and equipment at absolutely no cost to them. Additionally, we have a robust take-home vehicle policy and extremely low healthcare benefit costs. You can learn more by clicking here.(PDF, 1MB)



Union Contract

Our officers are represented by the Fraternal Order of Police. The City and Police Union strive to maintain frequent, transparent, bidirectional communication. Click to learn more about FOP Lodge 87.

City of Coral Springs Law Enforcement Officers are covered by the FOP I(PDF, 1MB) collective bargaining agreement.

City Wide Benefits

 Click to View(PDF, 3MB)


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