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The Coral Springs Police Department BEAR Unit is a proactive, crime-fighting unit dedicated to the prevention of burglaries and the apprehension of burglars. The unit takes a proactive approach to the reduction of all types of burglaries by analyzing crime trends, collecting data and intelligence information on known offenders and conducts aggressive surveillance of locations where burglaries are likely to occur.

Sergeant Eric Jomant

Bike Unit

The Coral Springs Police Department Bicycle Unit focuses on quality of life issues throughout the city and as an effective tool for community policing. The unit focuses on bicycle safety programs and bicycle registrations and bridges the gap between vehicle patrol and foot patrol. Riding bicycles not only allows the unit to reach out to the community, but also allows the officers to reach places officers in vehicles could not.

Sergeant Bruce Kozlowski
Sergeant Bruce Kozlowski

Officer Marla Ferry


Communications Unit

The Communications Unit serves the City of Coral Springs for Police, Fire and EMS for emergency and non-emergency calls for service. The Coral Springs Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) became a CALEA Accredited Communications Center in 2007. The unit continues to be CALEA Accredited and have earned accreditation with excellence for years 2013 and 2016.

Kathy Liriano, Communications Center Manager

Community Involvement

The Community Involvement Unit is responsible for crime prevention, community outreach. This is achieved through open lines of communication with residents, businesses and community leaders. The unit does so through regular community outreach meetings, interaction at city-related functions and safety events. In addition, the unit is responsible for crime prevention, which includes security assessments, trespass and barring and the Make a Call/Make a Difference program. The unit coordinates the social media outreach on behalf of the Chief of Police, ensuring a positive image, while informing the public about crime trends, events, and information related to police activity.

Captain Edmond DeRosa

Sergeant Bill Capplis

Officer Hannah Rincon, Community Involvement Officer

Dawn Musil, Senior Office Assistant

Monica Vargas, Community Involvement Coordinator

Crimes Against Persons

The Coral Springs Police Department Crimes Against Persons (CAPS.) Unit investigates crimes such as robbery, homicide and other deaths, adult kidnappings, felony-level assault and battery, domestic violence cases, including injunction violations, stalking and adult missing persons.

In addition CAPS oversees the Victim/Family Advocates who offer a wide range of services from crisis support counseling to community awareness activities and training programs. They also offer support to victims and their families. This unit assists with other local agencies in providing a network of psychological and social service needs.

Sergeant Paul Kempinski

Crime Scene Investigations Unit

The Coral Springs Police Department Crime Scene Investigations (CSI) Unit is a civilian support Unit within the Criminal Investigations Component of the Police Department. The CSI Unit is responsible for crime scene processing, fingerprint identification and video analysis.

Hours of Operation:

7 a.m. to 2 a.m. Monday to Friday
12 p.m. to 10 p.m. Sundays

Non-Business Hours: A designated Crime Scene Technician is on call.
Property Released to Owners: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesdays Only

Sheila Lustigman, Crime Scene Investigations Supervisor

Economic Crimes Unit

The Coral Springs Police Department Economic Crimes Unit is responsible for investigating crimes involving theft of identity, fraud, and other financial crimes. The cases, which are investigated by this unit, may include identity theft, fraudulent use of a credit card, criminal use of identification, tax fraud, computer related crimes, and other instances where personal information is used in order to commit a crime.

Sergeant Brian Koenig

Evidence Unit

The Coral Springs Police Department Evidence Unit receives, catalogs and stores evidentiary, abandoned, forfeited and found property in accordance with state and local laws. The Evidence Unit stores more than 49,000 items including bicycles, jewelry, office equipment, luggage, household items, electronic equipment and more. If you have property that, by law, is held by the Evidence Unit but now may be returned to you, please see “Claiming Your Property” below for instructions on retrieving your property.

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Fleet and Facilities

The Coral Springs Police Department Fleet and Facilities Unit is responsible for the safety and security of the facility and all personnel who work within the building. The unit also schedules all vehicles for calibration and preventive maintenance programs, capital building projects, computer and vehicle replacement projects, and department inventory control.

Henry Giraldo, Senior Fleet / Facilities Coordinator

Fiscal Management

The Coral Springs Police Department Fiscal Management Unit reports directly to the Administrative Division Deputy Chief of Police. The unit's main functions are; annual budget development, purchasing, forfeiture expenditures, and grant administration.

Connie Ruel, The Fiscal & Procurement Coordinator

Robin Brunetto, Purchasing Assistant

Erin Kafka, Purchasing Assistant

General Investigations

The Coral Springs Police Department General Investigations has the responsibility of investigating crimes involving felony theft of property, and damage to property. The cases, which are investigated by this unit, may include grand theft (property over a $750 value), burglaries, criminal mischief (damage estimated over $1000), auto theft, animal abuse, and arson.

Sergeant Ebony Winn

Humane Unit

The Coral Springs Police Department Humane Unit enforces ordinances, codes and state statutes regarding animal issues. The Humane Officers respond to citizen complaints regarding animal issues such as stray and injured animals and animal bites. The Humane Unit conducts all care and feeding duties for impounded animals and supervises general maintenance of the retention facility. In an effort to unite lost pets with their owners and to find homes for stray animals, the unit works with organizations to advertise found or lost pets, including the use of their own social media page.

Monica Fedderwitz

Karin Niemeyer

Captain A.J. King, Humane Unit – Special Operations Component

Human Resources

The Coral Springs Police Department Human Resources Unit is devoted to the recruitment and hiring of the best-qualified candidates available to serve the Coral Springs community while also supporting the Human Resources needs of the 221 Sworn and 99 Civilian members of the Coral Springs Police Department. With a staff of 6, the Human Resources Unit manages the recruitment, employment, payroll, assignment transfer, promotion, personnel records and off-shift employment needs of the Coral Springs Police Department.

The Coral Springs Police Department is firmly committed to offering an equitable, drug-free work environment. We do not discriminate in any employment related decisions on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability or other similar factors that are not job-related. This commitment is practiced in all aspects of our personnel policies, programs, practices, recruitment, examination, appointment, training, promotion, retention and other related activities. When requested, the Coral Springs Police Department will make reasonable accommodations for individuals with disabilities. Please contact the Human Resources Unit at 954-346-1320 if special assistance is needed.

You will find that we have included a comprehensive array of information relating to recruitment and employment on our website. After reviewing our site please feel free to email policeemployment@coralsprings.gov with any questions or comments that you may have.

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K-9 Unit

The Coral Springs Police Department K-9 Unit is comprised of five K-9 Teams - each team consisting of an officer and their police service dog (K-9). The K-9 Unit falls under the direction of the Special Operations Component and assists road patrol in calls for service to include incidents involving armed suspects, in-progress felonies, building/area/article searches and tracking. K-9 Teams conduct weekly training and receive annual certifications through the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) and the North American Police Work Dog Association (NAPWDA).

The K-9 Unit also performs demonstrations for special events throughout Broward County and assists other law enforcement agencies when requested.

Sergeant Jeff Heinrich

K-9 Retirement Fund Donations

The Coral Springs Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 87 has taken on the challenge of helping to provide care and quality of life for these retired Police Service Dogs by creating a 'Retired K-9 Fund'. With your support, 100% of the funds donated will be applied to the care and treatment of these exceptional K-9's that have served our community. If you would like to donate, click here.(Note you are leaving our secure website).

Office of Professional Standards

The Coral Springs Police Department Office of Professional Standards Supervisor reports directly to the Chief of Police. The unit’s primary function is to investigate allegations of misconduct by members of the Department and Agency Accreditation. For more information or inquiries please contact

Sergeant Derek Fernandes

Theresa Piedrahita - Assistant to Sergeant Derek Fernandes

Miriam Simon – Accreditation Coordinator


The Coral Springs Police Department Records Unit is responsible for maintaining, properly documenting, and storing all police records and reports for internal and external use. Records such as police reports, traffic accident reports, and traffic citations, may be requested via e-mail, via our online system, or in-person.

  • Additional services provided and current fees:
  • Bicycle Registration: Free
  • Good Conduct Certificate: $12.95
  • New Alarm Registration Fee: $25
  • Background Check: $12.95
  • An estimate for other services can be provided upon request.

Request records via email:
(Please note: If making a request via email please include the case number, and type of request (crash, incident, arrest, background, etc.)

Request records online:
Police Records Request

Crash Report Requests
Crash Reports are available to only the parties involved or their legal representatives within the first 60 days of incident; waiver must be completed and submitted with request, along with a copy of a photo ID.

Download, fill-out and return Accident Sworn Statement form to Police Records Unit
Accident Sworn Statement Within 60 Days(PDF, 170KB)   Accident Sworn Statement Over 60 Days(PDF, 211KB)

Request records in-person at the Coral Springs Police Records Unit
Coral Springs Police Department
2801 Coral Springs Drive
Coral Springs, FL 33065

  • Current operating hours:
  • Monday: 8 a.m.- 4:30 p.m.
  • Tuesday - Thursday: 7:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
  • Friday: 7:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
  • Saturday: Closed
  • Sunday: Closed

To obtain more information on our services, please call 954-346-1340.

Road Patrol

The Coral Springs Police Department Road Patrol Operations consists of two platoons, which patrol the streets of Coral Springs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Each platoon is divided as an Alpha (night shift) and a Bravo (day shift.) Each of these shifts is then sub-divided into three squads of seven officers and one sergeant.

A Patrol Lieutenant is in command of every shift. The total number of officers allocated to patrol is eighty-four. Each officer is assigned a specific area of the city, called sectors, to patrol. Our officers take ownership of these sectors to address quality of life issues, traffic concerns, criminal activity, and public safety.

In support of patrol operations are nine traffic accident investigators who assist with traffic crash reports, traffic direction, and crime reporting.

Alpha Shift

Captain William Reid

Lieutenant Sean Murray

Bravo Shift

Captain A.J. King

Lieutenant Jonathan Banke

Operational Support Lieutenants

Lieutenant Joe McHugh

Lieutenant Jonathan Banke

Road Patrol Map(JPG, 220KB)

Strategic Enforcement Team (SET)

The Coral Springs Police Department Strategic Enforcement Team (S.E.T.) is under the direction of the Special Operations Component. The primary responsibility of S.E.T. is the prevention and suppression of emerging crime trends within the city. This is accomplished by gathering intelligence, developing operational plans and employing diverse enforcement techniques. Members of S.E.T. constantly evaluate city-wide crime trends, adjusting and focusing manpower and resources in order to effectively disrupt and suppress criminal activity.

S.E.T. detectives serve arrest warrants and locate fugitives while working closely with the other units within our department as well as with other agencies throughout the tri-county area. Members of S.E.T. work closely with all operational units within the police department, providing tactical support for a multitude of operations. S.E.T. detectives are also responsible for monitoring members of criminal street gangs who may be residing in or frequent the City of Coral Springs.

Sergeant Giovanni Vullo

Special Victims Unit

The Coral Springs Police Department Special Victims Unit investigate child abuse/neglect cases, child deaths, child kidnappings, sex crimes such as sexual battery, indecent exposure, child pornography and internet crimes against children and physical abuse/neglect of the elderly. Unit members coordinate quarterly sweeps of identified sexual offenders/predators living in the City of Coral Springs to verify compliance with the Florida Sexual Predators Act. Unit members also participate in a countywide task force targeting offenders who prey on children.

Sergeant Ernesto Bruna

Threat Management Unit

The Threat Management Unit, TMU, of the Coral Springs Police Department is assigned to the Special Operations Component. The goal of TMU is to protect the citizens of Coral Springs and the community by evaluating potential threats through assessments. These threats may be made in person, in writing, by phone or social media platform.

TMU is responsible for evaluating every arrest, written report, student-based threat assessment and Baker Act for possible threats. Each document is investigated for content to determine if a full-scale threat assessment is warranted. TMU then conducts an intensive analysis to determine a course of action. This may include arrest, a Risk Protection Order (RPO) or recommendations for mental health development.

The supervisor of TMU is also the Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Coordinator. It is his/her responsibility to review all Baker Acts for mental health for further treatment if warranted. This can be done by TMU or individual officers who have been certified as CIT Officers.

Sergeant Bruce Kozlowski

Detective Chad Whittington

Detective Thomas Faiola

Direct Office Number: 954-346-1336
Crime Stoppers: 954-493-TIPS


The Coral Springs Police Department Training Unit is dedicated to providing comprehensive training for our workforce. Our training facility provides a number of scenario and classroom-based learning experiences. Information on current training schedules or to register for any advertised courses should contact:

Sergeant Robert Cherry, Division of Training

Traffic Unit

The Coral Springs Police Department Traffic Unit is responsible for enforcing all state and local traffic laws and ordinances. Members additionally provide traffic education to the community in partnership with the Florida Department of Transportation and support the city’s event planning committee with traffic plans. The Unit consists of uniformed motorcycle officers, aggressive driving officers, traffic accident investigators, and parking enforcement specialists.

Sergeant Jeff Podwika

Vice, Intelligence, and Narcotics

The Coral Springs Police Departments Vice, Intelligence and Narcotics unit is a multifaceted unit this is responsible for gathering, documenting and properly disseminating intelligence information relating to crimes involving narcotics and vice along with crimes committed by organized groups. They use innovative techniques to identify criminal activity and develop methods to develop sound cases that lead to the prosecution of those involved in crimes. Several members of the unit are assigned to multi-jurisdictional federal task forces. The VIN unit collects, evaluates, and analyzes intelligence information on criminal threats to provide a continuing flow of accurate, timely and relevant information to our police department. Intelligence provided by members of the community alerts the unit to potential criminal activity that may have been unknown. Much of that intelligence is provided through a “Crime Tips” tip line which allows the caller to remain anonymous. All tips are investigated.
Crime Tip Line

Tiffany Brady, Vice, Intelligence and Narcotics Unit

Victim/Family Advocates

The Coral Springs Police victim/family advocates assist victims with the criminal justice system, comfort individuals and families and inform victims of their rights under the law.

If you are not a victim of crime, but are experiencing other life difficulties, the Victim/Family Advocates may be able to assist you with information, support and referrals.

Your advocate will provide friendly, professional help as you deal with the criminal justice system. Advocates are not lawyers but are familiar with the workings of the criminal justice system and the needs and rights of victims. We understand how crime can affect your life and are here to help you deal with the emotional, financial and legal needs you may have as a result of a crime. There are no fees. Services offered include:

  • Crisis intervention
  • Information
  • Emotional Support
  • Assistance with crimes compensation forms
  • Referrals

Nicole Charbonier, Victim/Family Advocate

Hilda Sagastume, Victim/Family Advocate

Juvenile Justice System

Youth Liaison Unit

The Coral Springs Police Department Youth Liaison Unit’s main responsibility is to protect students and staff within our city’s schools. In addition, provide support and education to prevent substance abuse, bullying, peer pressure and other ethical issues. Members assigned to this unit have the responsibility to develop and implement programs intended to control the delinquent criminal behavior of juveniles. This is accomplished by presenting pro-active programs throughout the primary and secondary schools.

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