How to Apply

Step 1

  • Select from the left navigation "Apply / New Permit"
  • Select the “PERMIT Type” that you are applying for from the drop down menu.
  • Select the “PERMIT Subtype”,
  • In the “Description of Work”, type in the work that you will be doing in ALL CAPS (REROOF, REROOF HOUSE AND GARAGE, etc.).
  • Next, enter the amount of your contract in the “Job Value”.
  • Enter the address where the work is being done in "Location", then select Search.
    • You may want to enter just a partial address to make sure that you can find the address you are looking for. (*Make sure to choose the option with JUST the address. Do not choose any options that include "sgn", "wtr", etc.*)
    • Click on the correct address. The complete address will appear in the "Location". If you clicked on the wrong address, do not hit the back button. Click the "Address Lookup" and it will allow you to type in another address.
  • Next choose the correct option as to Your Relation to this Permit.
  • To submit “Attachments”, click “Select” next to “File Name”. Double click on your file. You can always remove your selection by clicking “Remove”. SEE REQUIRED File and Description Naming Guideline.
  • Next, type in the “Description” of the document. SEE REQUIRED File and Description Naming Guideline. Click “Upload”.
  • Review your information and then click on "Next Step" at the bottom of the screen.

Step 2

Review all of the Applicant, Contractor, and Owner Information. It will not allow you to move on until the required (*) information is completed.

Then Click "Next Step"

Step 3

Review all of the information. You will be able to edit any information in this screen. When everything is correct, click "Submit".

Step 4

Your Permit number will be displayed showing that your permit status is "Received".

Your permit application will be routed to one of our permit clerks. Once your permit application has been reviewed and processed, you will receive an email notifying you that your permit has been approved and is ready for payment (if applicable).

After payment is received, we will complete the approval process and issue your permit. Once the status of your permit shows "Issued", you can go to "Attachments" to PRINT your Permit Card and Approved Documents. You can monitor your permit online throughout the entire process.

If you still need help after reading these instructions, please call 954-344-1025 for assistance.


  • You do not have a permit until the permit has been paid for (if applicable) and issued.
  • Please ensure that your permit card and approved documents are onsite for inspections.