Social Media Policy

We’d love for you to join the conversation on our social media pages by sharing any thoughts, photos and videos from around Coral Springs. Or, just share your love of Coral Springs with us!

The city encourages followers to share comments, ideas and concerns. The City of Coral Springs reserves the right to hide or delete any comments or posts that violate the following:

  • No profanity or content that is abusive, threatening or obscene.
  • No content that promotes, fosters violence or perpetuates discrimination
  • No spam or promotional content.
  • No comments/posts that are clearly off-topic, that promote services or products, or that promote or oppose any political party, person campaigning for elected office, or any ballot proposition;
  • Direct and personal communication in the course of a trade or business
  • No sharing of personal contact information, yours or someone else's.
  • No misleading or deceptive information.

 Fans who submit content to this page agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • You are submitting content voluntarily and on your own behalf.
  • The content you post reflects your own original thoughts or work.
  • The City of Coral Springs has the right to re-post any photo on Coral Springs social media properties. 

 Please note that any content posted by fans of the City of Coral Springs does not necessarily reflect the city’s views and opinions.