Recycled Art Contest

The city is proud to host a virtual art contest for the second year in a row for students to show their love for our planet using recycled materials they find around the community. Throughout the month of March, the city will accept entries from students K-12, who reside in Coral Springs or attend a school in the city.


We’re pleased to announce the winners of our Recycled Art Contest! Please click below to view the names and photos of the winning artwork.

Thank you to all of our participants. We received numerous entries, and it was a tough task for our judges to select winners, but we remain inspired by the creativity of the youth in our community and appreciate everyone who participated!

Lucas Matos Recycle Art 2022 - 1st Place 1st Place
Lucas Matos
Forest Hills Elementary - Kindergarten
We demonstrated what can happen to fish if people keep throwing trash into the ocean by using water bottles as the fish and the plastic part that hold water bottles together as trap, this shows that the fish can’t swim through it and can get stuck in place due to trash.


MylesTulsieram - Recycle Art 2022 - 2nd Place 2nd Place
Myles Tulsieram
Park Trails Elementary - Kindergarten
I made Bob the recycle Bot who was made using items I found around my home. These items are: cardboard boxes, toilet paper rolls, a pipe cleaner, bubble warp packaging and a coffee cup lid. My project reflects the 3 Rs in the following ways.
Recycle- All the items I used to create Bob was recyclable items that were in my home. I also do lots of arts and crafts projects at home using cardboard boxes all the time. I use things like egg containers and plastic containers.
Reuse - By reusing that we have around the house we can be creative and create lots of cool things- like Bob! Instead of throwing it in the garbage we can make something that is useful and fun.
Reduce- We reduce what we buy by using what we have- we can save money and we can reduce garbage that ends up in the landfills or in the ocean.

Ayanna Jaikaran Recycle Art 2022 - 3rd Place 3rd Place
Ayanna Jaikaran
Westchester Elementary - Kindergarten
We found water bottles which helped us reduce. We reused it by creating fishes in an aquarium. We recycled by creating beautiful artwork.

Mia Hansen - Recycle Art 2022 - 1st Place 1st Place
Environmental Club Students
Park Springs Elementary – 5th Grade
Our art project reflects the three R's because we used recycled materials to create this project as well as spell the three R's. Our project put items from our classroom that would have been thrown away like CD's, straws, and marker caps. On one side on of our project we focus on the ocean and creatures that live in it while the other side has a theme of "One Earth We Need to Protect It."

Samaiya Neeley - Recycle Art 2022 - 2nd Place 2nd Place
Samaiya Neeley
Our Savior Lutheran School – 4th Grade
My Artwork was done by using paper towel rolls and cardboard. We can make beautiful art by reusing materials to reduce waste. We recycled by using paper towel rolls. By using what could have been trash, we made a beautiful design.


Alissia Perez - Recycle Art 2022 - 3rd Place 3rd Place
Alissia Perez
Park Springs Elementary – 3rd Grade
I used recycled materials to make a bumble bee. Bees are so important to the environment so by using recycled materials to make art we help saves the bees.

Addison Capplis - Recycle Art 2022 - 1st Place 1st Place
Addison Capplis
Coral Springs Charter School – 8th Grade
My monster cans reflect the three R's by me recycling the cans I used, reusing them to create art, and reducing the use of metals to create the project.

Kiran Goel - Recycle Art 2022 - 2nd Place 2nd Place
Kiran Goel
Coral Springs Charter School – 7th Grade
My artwork reflects the three R’s in many ways. It reflects recycling because many of the items on my artwork are recyclable. Then it reflects the reusing part of the three R’s because the canvas I used was an old painting that someone had thrown away. Lastly, my artwork reflects reducing because it shows that you can make art out of things that cause waste. Other people will then be inspired to make artwork out of these things reducing the amount of waste.

Valini Goolcharan Recycle Art 2022 - 3rd Place 3rd Place
Valini Goolcharan
Forest Glen Middle School – 8th Grade
Trees are a part of our ecosystem; they function to make the Earth a healthier planet. The 3 R’s, reduce reuse and recycle keeps items out of landfills, conserves natural resources, and keeps our environment healthy and sustainable for the future. I represented the 3 R’s in my depiction of a tree. In my art piece I reused several objects I found in my own recycle bin including shopping bags as the tree, paper towel tubes for the leaves, and magazines pages and tissue paper scraps for the flowers. In addition, I recycled coffee grinds, Styrofoam, and pieces of cardboard. I chose to have my piece portray a message by highlighting simple ways in which an individual can start making the difference towards protecting and preserving the natural environment. I reduced waste in our ecosystem and produced a piece of art that educates people on how to help the Earth.

Isabella Palma Recycle Art 2022 - 1st Place 1st Place
Isabella Palma
Coral Springs Charter School – 10th Grade
Protecting our planet is partly about conserving our nature and wildlife. Wildlife is affected by waste on the daily, so I created a life-sized rooster to remind everyone of all the animals that can possibly be lost in the future due to society’s pollution. The creation of this recycled project has contributed to the reusing of plastic by slightly reducing hazardous waste in overflowing landfills to make a symbolic art sculpture. A real rooster provides a source of food for humans, eggs, which are commonly consumed on the daily for breakfast, making the conservation very important to us. It’s time to give back to the ecosystem and remember to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Emily De Leon - Recycle Art 2022 - 2nd Place 2nd Place
Emily De Leon – Morataya
Coral Springs Charter School – 11th Grade
My family makes it a goal to recycle regularly and now I'm able to reuse that recyclable material to create this art piece. I was motivated by the never-ending suffering our ocean's ecosystem endures to create this image of a turtle near her eggs. Her babies will soon be born, so it's important we try to make it a safer and cleaner environment for their species and many others to thrive.

Riley McCormick - Recycle Art 2022 - 3rd Place 3rd Place
Riley McCormick
Coral Springs Charter School – 11th Grade
It uses recycled materials in a creative way.