MLK Monument


About the Monument 

The Martin Luther King Memorial, by Dari Artist, expresses her views and feelings on Civil Rights through sculpture and painting. The Lac Du Bonnet Pillar (coral colored granite) stands for equality, freedom of speech, unity and democracy. The base is made of Mesabi Black Granite, which is also featured in other projects, including the Wall of Remembrance at Eagle Circle.

The Raven Black monument stands for the Rainbow coalition, and Dr. King’s dignity, teachings and strength. This piece honors the memory of Dr. King and those who have been brave enough to stand on behalf of the people to demand their rights.

MLK Monument Award

The Coral Springs Martin Luther King, Jr. Committee is accepting nominations for the 2024 MLK Monument Award. Applicants can be an individual or organization in Coral Springs, who embodies the ideals of Dr. King. The deadline to submit your application is January 19, 2024.

Award Nominations

About the Artist

Dari was born in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1957. Her art works can be found in private and corporate collections, both locally and internationally (United States, Germany, Belgium, Britain, France, Israel, Canada and Poland). Her commissions include works for various Members of Parliament in Africa. Dari’s painting of the Signal Hill shrine is housed in the Bo Kaap Museum, Cape Town.