Public Safety Personnel

ebony.jpg Ebony Winn

Sgt. Ebony Winn, a 14-year police veteran, recently shared what Black History Month means to her. “It’s a time to reflect on how far we’ve come and how far we’re going to go.” Wanting to work in law enforcement since childhood, Sgt. Winn loves interacting with the public and collaborating to find community solutions. “Anytime I get the opportunity to positively impact someone’s life, it’s an accomplishment."


bradley.jpg Bradley Johnson

Bradley Vilsaint, is a Traffic Accident Investigator who joined the Coral Springs Police Department to move closer toward his goal to become a sworn law enforcement officer someday. Bradley recently shared his perspective on Black History Month: “This month is about respect and love because we are all human beings and deserve to be treated equal.”



Christopher Moss

"Black History Month means to me what the sun means to the trees, the ability to shine a light that pushes you to keep growing. What the moon means to the ocean, the ability to move you emotionally both up in joy and down in sadness like a wave at sea. What the stars mean to someone lost, a compass to your destination or home where you can share a story with your family to ensure that it is not ever forgotten.”

Spencer Ginn

Spencer Ginn has been a firefighter with Coral Springs for nearly 5 years.  He was the Coral Springs 2020 Firefighter of the Year! He loves using his knowledge, experience, and critical thinking skills to help others during their worst moments. " It is important to continue to inform and teach generations about the influential black leaders and other members of society that have helped mold this world into what it is today. The only way to change discriminatory conduct, racist mindsets and inappropriate behavior is by having an open mind about learning and understanding cultures that may differ from one’s own."

James Barr

Officer James Barr was sworn in July 2018 and has been serving the community ever since. “I became an LEO (Law Enforcement Officer) as I was looking for a career that gave me a platform to help people by giving back, initiate change, and educate others as well as myself.” Officer Barr feels #BlackHistory is important because it allows everyone to learn about origins, contributions, and changes worldwide.