60th Anniversary Artwork

“The Living Story of Coral Springs” by artist Casto Solano

In honor of celebrating the city’s 60th Anniversary in 2023, the City Commission approved the Public Art Committee’s selection of “The Living Story of Coral Springs” by artist Casto Solano. The steel-paneled piece features engraved depictions of city history during the past six decades.


“The Living Story of Coral Springs” is located next to the Museum of Coral Springs History at 10250 NW 29th Street, inside Mullins Park – right in the heart of our city. The Corten Steel paneled sculpture creates a narrative path, featuring engraved images and words that tell the story of Coral Springs, the surrounding areas, and its history. Stories of town and country, Everglades, waterways, and coastal ecosystems are depicted on the panels, serving as a place to celebrate, learn, remember, and look to the future.


This sculptural installation consist of six individual, 6 foot wide by 8 foot high navigable panels, arranged in pairs of two, and presented in an open-book style that allow for sunlight to pass through and project playful shadows onto the surrounding concrete pad. Each panel progresses through our city’s early beginnings “On the Edge of the Everglades” and follows our living story as we now “Look Toward the Future.” Three panel groupings represent past, present, and future and serve as an extension of the adjacent Museum of Coral Springs History.

About the Artist: 

Artist Casto Solano Artist Casto Solano was selected to create the “The Living Story of Coral Springs.” Solano is a widely regarded, visionary artist who specializes in Corten Steel sculptures. His exhibitions span across Europe and the United States and have garnered critical acclaim, making him a luminary in the realm of modern art. Beginning as a visual artist who focused on canvas paintings of vivid landscapes, Solano’s recent foray into the medium of Corten steel has resulted in sculptures that are characterized by their striking blend of natural, rusted textures and precisely crafted shapes, evoking a sense of timeless beauty and raw elegance. Born in Madrid in 1958, Solano is now based out of Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain.