Local Business Uses City Economic Development Incentive Funds

Published on September 12, 2023


From fresh facades to sparkling signage, a business’s efforts to attract new clientele often start before the first customer or client even walks through the door.  

To support the local business community in their efforts to maintain the appearance of business exteriors locally, the City of Coral Springs Economic Development Office offers two unique programs for which businesses can apply. Programs include the Permit and Impact Fee Grant and the Building Exterior Improvement program.  

Implemented in 2021, the two programs strive to eliminate and prevent the spread of blight and deterioration, promote rehabilitation, drive development and redevelopment, and, ultimately, stabilize and increase the ad valorem tax base in the city. The programs also aim to encourage investment by the private sector by eliminating impediments to development and redevelopment.

“Coral Springs is proud to hold high standards when it comes to aesthetic and physical appearances,” said Kristi Bartlett, Coral Springs Director of Economic Development. “This program is not only in line with our strategic priorities to be an attractive community and a thriving, resilient business community, but it also offers our businesses financial relief from making necessary updates and enhancements.”

Local business Friends & Family Spinal Care recently utilized the grant programs to make improvements. Friends & Family Spinal Care is a family-centered chiropractic office that offers a full range of chiropractic care and wellness services for all ages. With funding from the Building Exterior Improvement program, they completed a façade remodel that included demo, roofing, stucco, awning, paint, entry way, and more. Additional interior improvements and a 5:1 private: public investment ratio qualified them for the Permit and Impact Fee Grant of up to 50% of the permit and fees paid by the applicant. The company received a total reimbursement of just over $60,000.

Friends and Family Spinal Care Owner, Justin Brown, D.C., shared that he is grateful for the program because it allowed him to make alterations to his business that best suit his specific operations.

“The grant program provided enough incentive for us to purchase a commercial property knowing that significant changes and improvements were necessary to make the space ideal for our business operations,” Brown said. “The grant enabled us to create a fresh, modern exterior facade while staying within the budget. 

According to Brown, applying for the grant was a smooth process and was aided by having support from the city’s Economic Development Office.

“Like anything, the more prepared you are and the better your relationships, the faster you can move through this process; the city was very helpful in working through the application process,” Brown said. “We are thrilled with the outcome and have received overwhelmingly positive feedback on the property as a whole.”

To qualify, business owners must complete an application and meet eligibility guidelines. More information about Coral Springs Economic Development can be found on the city’s website.