City Announces the Return of Curbside Recycling

Published on October 06, 2021

blue cart

Coral Springs, FL – The City of Coral Springs is pleased to announce curbside recycling will resume effective on November 1, 2021, for single family and low-density multi-family homes in Coral Springs (any residence who uses a roll-out cart placed curbside).

When the worldwide recycling market declined due to restricted foreign markets and high recycling contamination rates, the city implemented a multi-faceted ‘Recycle Right’ campaign to educate the community on the declining market and importance of clean recycling. As the cost to recycle in Coral Springs skyrocketed to $76 per ton, the City Commission opted to go to Waste to Energy saving taxpayers nearly $300,000.

It was the City Commission’s direction to staff that should the commodity for recycled products improve, Coral Springs would resume curbside recycling.

“Thankfully, commodity values have increased tremendously making it a great opportunity for the city to resume our recycling program through a phased approach,” said Public Works Director, John Norris. “We plan to start with single family homes in November; and in the first quarter of 2022 return to the Commission with additional options and feedback regarding multi-family residences.”

It is important for residents to be aware that only loose and clean recyclable items are to be placed in the blue carts, which include plastics #1 & 2, cardboard, metal and aluminum cans, mixed paper, newspaper, and glass. Non-recyclable materials and household garbage must be placed in the green cart.

Norris added, “How much Coral Springs pays to recycle will be based on our contamination rate. This will be determined two months after we officially resume curbside recycling. We are relying on every resident who lives in a single family home to start recycling ‘right’ effective today to achieve the lowest possible contamination rate.”

The city’s last recycle audit in the summer of 2020 revealed Coral Springs had a contamination rate of 36.5%.

Of the city’s plan to resume curbside recycling, Mayor Scott Brook said, “I am pleased that staff continued to monitor the market and quickly developed a plan to resume recycling once it was a viable option. I am calling on all residents to do their part to ensure all items disposed of in the blue cart are approved recyclable items.”

The city will reimplement its ‘Recycle Right’ educational program and will continue to participate in public events and community meetings to ensure residents are aware Coral Springs resumed curbside recycling services.

All residents can continue to drop off recycling at our stationary areas located at: Mullins Park (2501 Coral Springs Drive) next to the Coral Springs Gymnasium, the Waste Transfer Station (12600 Wiles Road), and Whispering Woods Park (7701 Wiles Road).

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