City Further Expands Recycling for Residents

Published on August 13, 2021

Coral Springs, FL – The city is excited to announce the expansion of our drop-off recycling program for residents who would like to ensure non-contaminated recycling. In addition to the current recycling containers located at Mullins Park (2501 Coral Springs Drive) next to the Coral Springs Gymnasium, and the Waste Transfer Station (12600 Wiles Road), the city is adding a new collection point located at Whispering Woods Park (7701 Wiles Road) for drop off 24/7.  

Regarding the expansion of recycling drop-off, Public Works Director John Norris, said, “The importance and need for clean recycling options for our environmentally conscious residents continues to be a top priority for our city. It’s been five months since we launched this initiative, and after seeing an improvement in recycling habits and a decrease in contamination at the Mullins Park drop-off location, we are happy to expand this recycling solution in the north-end of Coral Springs.”   

The recycling container can only be used for the following items (in individual collection areas of the container): 

  • Plastic material with the number 1 or 2 on the containers (rinsed and dry)
  • Metal and aluminum cans (rinsed and dry)
  • Newspaper and mixed paper (dry only)
  • Cardboard (broken down) 

We ask residents who utilize this option to please refrain from contaminating the recycling with non-recyclable materials.  For more information, visit

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