Coral Springs Volunteers Honored with Lynne Johnson Award

Published on April 22, 2021


Coral Springs, FL – On Wednesday, April 21st, the City of Coral Springs honored a group of volunteers by awarding them with the Lynne Johnson Award in City Hall Commission Chambers.

Of the award winners, Dale Pazdra, Assistant City Manager of People, Culture and Wellness, said, “Our city has the most exceptional group of volunteers who go above and beyond to voluntarily serve our residents. Most importantly, these individuals make a difference in the lives of many and are committed to enhancing the city in many ways. We honor, thank and recognize our volunteers for their contributions these last two years.”

The following awards were named after Lynne Johnson in 2009 in memory of her dedicated volunteer service to the City of Coral Springs. The city will continue to celebrate volunteers annually with the receipt of the Lynne Johnson Award and applications will once again be available next year.

Appreciative of their influence in our city, Mayor Scott Brook said, “Our volunteers have added so much value to our city operations and we could never be the premier city to live, work and raise a family without their efforts and contributions. On behalf of the entire commission, thank you to our volunteers and congratulations to the Lynne Johnson Award winners! We are all very proud of you!”

The winners for their contributions made during 2020 are:

2021 Winners

Carol Johnson, Seniors Making a Difference
Becky Cheresnick, Committed to Enhancing City Services
Gladys Castro, Enhancing the Lives of Coral Springs Residents
Roy Gold, Enhancing and Preserving the Natural Environment in Coral Springs  

The winners for their contributions made during 2019 are:

2020 Winners

Kimberly Montalvo, Youth Making a Difference
Vincent Desiderio, Seniors Making a Difference
Denise Fatigate, Working with Youth in Sports
Janis Humpage, Committed to Enhancing City Services
Susan Kirkpatrick, Enhancing the Lives of Coral Springs Residents
The City of Coral Springs encourages volunteerism for people of all ages and values their contributions to make Coral Springs the premiere city in which to live, work and raise a family.  For more information about volunteering with the City of Coral Springs, visit our website or call 954-346-4430.