City Facilities Will Continue to Require Facial Coverings

Published on May 06, 2021

Coral Springs, FL – Governor DeSantis issued an Executive Order that rescinds all COVID-19 restrictions earlier this week.  Effective immediately, all businesses of any type may open to 100 percent, and there will no longer be a mask mandate in Broward County. The City of Coral Springs will continue to require masks within City Facilities. 

All employees, visitors and contractors entering a city facility are required to:

• Wear a facial covering
• Maintain a safe distance from others
• Utilize temperature screening kiosks when entering city facilities
City Facilities now open to public include:
• Aquatic Complex, Tennis Center, Coral Springs Gymnasium and Public Safety Buildings 
• City Hall is open for public meetings, but the One Stop Shop remains closed and utilizing online services

Other safety measures in place include:

• Masks are not necessary when outdoors, including city parks however, we encourage patrons to maintain safe distance from others when possible
• Meetings and citizen engagement programs continue to be held virtually and in person to limit gathering
• All Special Magistrate Hearings will be conducted in person

The Executive Order allows businesses to require masks and limit capacity. Citizens must comply with safety measures implemented by businesses. 

Experts caution that herd immunity has not yet been achieved, so current mitigation strategies remain important, including and especially wearing face masks. This is consistent with recommendations from infectious disease experts and especially the CDC.

• Continue to take the simple precautions to stay safe, especially wearing properly fitted face masks.
• Wash hands regularly, avoid touching faces, maintain safe distance from others and routinely disinfect surfaces.
• And of course, take advantage of COVID 19 vaccines. These vaccines are safe, and they are important. 

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