Vision, Mission, Values & Goals


To be the premier community in which to live, work, and raise a family.

Mission Statement

To provide an innovative, sustainable, high-performing organization that strives to make decisions and measure progress based on economic, social, and environmental factors improving the quality of life for the residents, businesses, and visitors of the diverse community we serve.


Core Values

Superior Service (Customer-Centric)

Strategic Goals

The City Commission has identified five priorities to reflect key community issues. These priorities provide strategic direction for city staff.

I. A family-friendly community

To strengthen the quality of life that defines the hometown feel of our community by ensuring public safety and quality schools, promoting arts and culture, capitalizing on the strength in our diversity, and embracing our inclusive, welcoming nature.

II. An active, healthy community

To influence and support an environment that promotes active, healthy, and enriched lifestyles for residents of all ages by focusing on leisure, cultural, recreational, and sporting activities and events that infuse event dollars into the local economy.

III. An attractive community

To take proactive measures to preserve and enhance the community’s appearance and maintain its vital infrastructure by leading through example in the stewardship and conservation of natural resources.

IV. A thriving, resilient business community

To continue to provide fiscal benefit and economic stability to the city by encouraging and supporting economic development and redevelopment as well as the expansion and retention of existing businesses.

V. An innovative, high-performing, and sustainable organization

To remain committed to ethical governance, adherence to our core values, transparency, innovation, collaboration, and exceeding customer expectations by delivering high-quality programs and services that meet the needs of an increasingly diverse community.