Trespass Barring Program

The Trespass Barring Program ensures the ability to better address quality of life issues within the community, as well as through the judicial system when resulting arrests are made. When an owner has identified a trespassing problem at his or her business or property, the owner or legal representative may request this service. Enrollment into the Trespass Barring Program authorizes the Coral Springs Police Department and its officers to act as agents of owner/property management in enforcing the provisions of Florida State Substantive Law (FSS) 810.08 and 810.09. 

To help mitigate loitering and trespass behaviors, the city has implemented the Trespass Barring Program; furthermore, every arrest on-site should be accompanied by a 90-day barring to deter repeat offenses. While facilitating this program, the officer can ascertain intelligence as to why the site made the request (i.e., narcotics activities, criminal mischief etc.) and help steer tactical or administrative assets to address the issue.


Step 1.The business/property owner submits a trespass program request


Step 2.Community Involvement Unit (CIU) contacts business/property owner

This is when the site visit will be scheduled and receive the recommendation on the number of signs and placement.

Step 3.Purchases signs

Business/property owner purchases signs from First Sign and installs as recommended.

Step 4.CIU confirms signage and placement

Trespass Affidavit form(PDF, 225KB)

Once signage and placement are confirmed, CIU will collect a notarized Trespass Affidavit form.

Follow Up

  • The CIU will facilitate the verification of all Trespass Program properties annually
  • Augmented by additional community services personnel, each logistical location will be checked physically by department personnel for applicable CSPD Trespass signage and contact should be made to ensure that the stakeholder names/ownership are the same


  • If ownership of the property has changed, the stakeholder should be instructed to submit a new request form/affidavit through the city website
  • If only the management and/or callout persons have changed, then the spreadsheet will be updated with this information and new enrollment forms will not be necessary
  • Under no circumstances is signage to be removed from a stakeholder property by the City of Coral Springs. If the signage was procured legally, the mere presence of the branded CSPD version on-site has been upheld by the 2016 - 4th DCA as proper warning to trespass
  • Verified information should be shared with the Communications Center for reference