Tree Memorial Program

The Coral Springs Tree Memorial Program provides Coral Springs residents the opportunity to commemorate a special person through the planting of a tree at a city park or installing a city bench.


Step 1.Purchase

For a cost residents may purchase a tree or park bench and have a plaque installed. While requests for planting at a specific park will be considered, the tree's location, size and variety will be determined by the Parks and Recreation Department. Prices may vary.

Step 2.Plaques 

Residents must purchase a bronze plaque from an independent company. All plaques cannot be larger than 7”x5” and all information must be approved by the Parks and Recreation Department. 

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Step 3.Guidelines

After a tree or bench is planted or installed, the resident will be notified. Trees and benches may not be decorated with flowers, ribbons, photos or other items.

The Parks and Recreation Department will not maintain the paint, finish, stain, or any other decorative aesthetic appearance of any plaques once installed.

After 10 years the city will not be required to replace any tree or bench. If the applicant wishes to replace a tree or bench after 10 years, the Parks and Recreation Department will do so at city cost to the applicant.

This program is sponsored by the Parks and Recreation Department. For more information, please contact Parks Administrator, Keith Shriver at