Community Garden


Discover the hidden oasis in our bustling city, where nature flourishes and friendships bloom. Become a member of the Community Garden and experience the joy of growing together! 

The Coral Springs Community Garden is in partnership with the Coral Springs Rotary Club.


Step 1.Reserve a bed

Reserve one bed from October 1, 2023, through September 30, 2024

  • New Gardeners - $120
  • Existing Gardeners - $60

If purchased after March 2024, the cost will be prorated by 50%.


*When reserving a bed, click "submit request."

Step 2.Guidelines

  • Gardeners must register with Volunteer Services and participate in 12 hours of Community Garden Volunteer Service each year. Official Community Garden Workdays are the first Saturday of each month. If not met, the Coral Springs Rotary Community Garden Committee has the right to refuse my renewal for the following season.
  • Only one bed will be issued per rental fee paid.
  • No Invasive or Illegal Plants shall be permitted in the garden such as Cannabis, Opium Poppy, Trumpet Flower, etc. Refer to Florida Dept. of Agriculture, US Dept. of Agriculture, and Drug Enforcement Agency.
  • Trees are not allowed.
  • We are an Organic Garden and Food Forest. Only the use of organic fertilizers and pesticides are allowed in a controlled manner. Non-Organic Fertilizers, Pesticides, enriched soils, or other non-organic products are prohibited.
  • Beds will be assigned on a first come first serve basis and the box is offered “as-is”.
  • Beds and surrounding areas must be kept weed-free and safe with enough room for the weed trimmer and lawnmower. Any overgrowth is subject to weed trimming.
  • If box is not maintained according to the garden rules, appears abandoned, or is overgrown with weeds, a 2-week warning will be given. The box will be reassigned to the next person on the waiting list unless the required maintenance is done within the 2-week period.
  • No unattended watering is allowed. 

Step 3.Explore Nearby

  • Food Forest: A food forest is a garden-like forest ecosystem with different types, stages and layers of perennial plants that are generally edible or useful.
  • Reflexology Path: Reflexology paths massage and stimulate acupressure points in the soles of the feet connected to various energy meridians of the body. Stone paths have been used for health benefits and are an important part of a healing garden.
  • Helena Ramsay Memorial Garden: The Helena Ramsay Memorial Garden was established in 2019 to memorialize the 17 students killed in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas tragedy, the 17 wounded, and to all who need healing in the community.
  • The Garden Club Plant Exchange: Run by the Garden Club of Coral Springs, a separate entity from the Community Garden volunteers, this added feature provides a drop off sport for anyone with extra plants to
  • Free Little Seed Library: Just like the Little Free Libraries commonly used to share books, the Free Little Seed Library allows gardeners to share extra seeds with others in the community by placing them in a weather-safe drop box. 
  • Butterfly Garden: Native plants are purposely planted to attract various kinds of butterflies, including some that are
  • ADA Accessible Beds: A selection of garden beds will be raised to a higher elevation for greater wheelchair/accessibility access.
  • Bee Apiary: A Bee Apiary is a place where beehives are kept and protected.