AED/Automated External Defibrillators


Step 1.What Are AEDs?

AEDs are medical devices that can help save lives in the event of cardiac arrest. When necessary, they send an electric current to the heart to help it reset itself from an ineffective rhythm.

Step 2.Who Can Use AEDs?

AEDs may be used by anyone in response to a cardiac emergency. No training or certification is required. The device will prompt the user with step-by-step verbal instructions. All AEDs deployed at a city park or facility are suitable for use on adults and children. Once deployed, dispatch is automatically notified.

Step 3.How Do I Find an AED?

AEDs are installed at the following select parks and city facilities. Units are housed in tall, red and yellow cabinets and display the AED and Stop the Bleed symbols. Learn more about the project here.

  • City Hall – 9500 W. Sample Road
  • Betti Stradling Park – 10301 Wiles Road
  • Cypress Hammock Park – 1300 Coral Springs Drive
  • Cypress Park – 1301 Coral Springs Drive
  • Dr. Paul’s Dog Park – 2915 Sportsplex Drive
  • Kiwanis Park – 520 Ramblewood Drive
  • Mullins Park – 10000 NW 29th Street
  • North Community Park – 5601 Coral Springs Drive
  • Riverside Park – 205 Coral Ridge Drive
  • Sportsplex Park – 2800 Sportsplex Drive

Step 4.What Else Should I Do?

In the event of a cardiac emergency, call 911 (or ask someone nearby to call 911). When an AED is deployed, an audible alarm will trigger, and dispatch will be automatically notified.

All AEDs are equipped with an emergency call button that may be used in the event of an emergency. The AEDs are tagged with a location ID to help identify the location of the emergency when talking to dispatch.