Community Paramedic Program


The Coral Springs-Parkland Fire Department Community Paramedic Program (CP) is a healthcare innovation designed and committed to provide quality care, improve residential health, and lower costs for patients ensuring high patient satisfaction.

The program places a specially trained and experienced paramedic on 8-hour daily shifts for five days per week tasked to conduct house visits to patients who have used the emergency 911 system as a primary source for healthcare.

Community Paramedic Program Target Patient Populations

The Coral Springs Fire Department selects patients from four groups:

  1. High System Utilizers.

    The program includes all patients that regularly depend on the 911 system and Emergency Department with the intention to educate and align the patients to primary care resources that are available within the community.

  2. Special Medical Needs Patients.

    The program seeks to ensure quality care for those members of the community who have unique medical needs including transportation to a specialized hospital not available at the local emergency room.

  3. Frequent Fall Patients.

    The program works to educate members on fall prevention and mitigation through in-home safety assessments.

  4. Post-Hospital Discharge Patients.

    The program is committed to following up with patients who have been discharged from the hospital after having been admitted for conditions such as congestive heart failure, pneumonia, heart attacks and asthma.

Patients who sign up will be enrolled in the program and their care will be coordinated by the Coral Springs Fire Department Community Paramedic, the patient’s primary care physician and the Fire Department’s Medical Director.

Additional services under the Community Paramedic Program

  • Baby Safe Sleep
  • Drowning prevention education
  • Safe bicycle riding
  • Car seat safety
  • Hurricane prep education