The city has color guidelines to keep our neighborhoods looking great. Please check with your HOA as they may have stricter regulations.

Apply through one of the options below:


Step 1.Review fence guidelines 


Step 2.Check with your HOA

Approval by your Homeowner Association may be required as they may have stricter regulations

Step 3.Apply for a Permit


Step 4.Schedule an Inspection with the Building Department

The contractor or owner must first call the Building Department to schedule the inspection at 954-344-1025. For zoning and landscaping inspections, call 954-344-1160.

  • If the fence is installed by the homeowner, they are responsible for installing the landscaping before calling for the zoning inspection on the fence. We will inspect the landscaping and fence at the same time. All required landscaping will be marked on the plans when reviewed by zoning.
  • When a fence contractor installs the fence, two permit numbers are issued. The first one is for the fence and the second one for the landscaping. The contractor will schedule the zoning inspection and then when the homeowner is done installing the shrubs, the owner must call to schedule the landscape inspection. The permit will be closed only when all inspections are successfully completed.
  • Failure to successfully complete the inspection process by closing out all permits (fence and landscape) may result in an expired permit status once the validity of the issued permits expires.