Neighborhood Block Party

Check List

Gather your neighbors, close the street, meet our first responders, and have a party.  Complete an application 15 days ahead of your event and the City of Coral Springs will provide the barricades and cones to close your section of the street.

Step 1.Block Party Acknowledgment

  1. Fill out the Block Party Acknowledgment Form(PDF, 60KB)
  2. Submit the Block Party Acknowledgement Form with the Application Submission

Step 2.Submit Your Application



Guidelines for a Safe and Successful Block Party

  • The entire block must be notified of the time and date of the party.
  • All block residents must sign an acknowledgment (link to the PDF File) that they are aware and agree to the street closing for the block party.
  • Make sure that all participants understand that all appropriate Florida State Statutes and Coral Springs City Ordinances will be enforced.
  • Inquire of the feasibility of closing your street for a block party and arrange use of street barricades. The Coral Springs Police Department has absolute discretion to deny a request for a block party as it sees fit.
  • Limit the block party to daylight hours.
  • Limit the time of the block party to no longer than five hours.
  • No large items should be placed on the roadway (in the event of a emergency, emergency vehicles should have easy access to the area).
  • Limit the use and availability of alcoholic beverages.
  • Assign a contact person for police and city officials to discuss any issues that may arise.
  • Take precautions to avoid injuries.