Tree City USA

Tree City USA City of Coral Springs

The Tree City USA® program, sponsored by the Arbor Day Foundation in cooperation with the USDA Forest Service and the National Association of State Foresters provides national recognition for urban and community forestry programs in thousands of towns and cities. The City of Coral Springs has proudly held the Tree City USA title for over 30 years!

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The Benefits of Urban Trees

The benefits of urban trees are many: beautification, reduction of the urban heat island effect, reduction of stormwater runoff, reduction of air pollution, reduction of energy costs through increased shade over buildings, enhancement of property values, improved wildlife habitat, and mitigation of overall urban environmental impact.

The presence of urban trees reduces stress, and trees have long been seen to benefit our health. The shade of trees makes a place for people to meet and socialize. Proper planning and community involvement are important for the positive results to be realized.

Urban trees provide nesting sites and food for birds and other animals. People appreciate watching, feeding, photographing, and painting urban trees. Urban trees and wildlife help people maintain their connection with nature.

What is an Urban Forest?

An urban forest is a collection of naturally occurring or planted trees that grow within our city. In a wider sense it may include any kind of woody plants growing in and around our community. In a narrower sense it describes areas whose ecosystems are inherited from wilderness leftovers. Care and management of urban forests is known as urban forestry. 

Urban forests play an important role for us in many ways: they filter air, water, sunlight; provide shelter to animals; and recreational areas for people. Urban forests moderate local climate, slow wind and stormwater, and shade homes and businesses to conserve energy. They are critical in cooling the urban heat island effect, thus potentially reducing the number of unhealthful ozone days that plague us in peak summer months.