Reduction of Fine Process FAQs

Who can apply for a reduction of fine?

The current owner of the property or the original respondent on the case, the person or entity’s name that appears on the recorded lien.

Does the property have to be in compliance first?

The property must be in compliance with all City Codes and Ordinances.

How much does it cost?

There is a $300.00 application fee per case.

I have multiple case with liens; can they go on the same application?

No, each code case requesting a reduction must have its own application.

Can I submit the application online?

The application requires a signature and therefore must be mailed or dropped off at City Hall.

Do I have to go to a hearing?

A hearing may be requested if the applicant rejects the initial recommendation of fine. The applicant will be notified of the hearing date and time. The Owner or authorized representative must attend the hearing.

Do I have to have an attorney represent me?

No. You may complete the reduction process without an attorney. You may have an attorney if you wish.

Will I have to have an inspection on my property?

The city may perform an inspection on the property.

How long will the process take?

The process may take approximately 3-6 weeks.

Can I talk to the magistrate about my case?

The magistrate reads all the information on the applications prior to the hearing of each case. Whatever you want the magistrate to know about your case, please write in detail on your application. You will have an opportunity to speak to the magistrate about your request at the hearing.

Can I provide pictures and documents for the magistrate to look at?

Yes, you may attach color pictures, receipts and documents to your application as part of your evidence when the application is submitted.  Any evidence submitted will be kept and become part of the case’s official record. Evidence submitted on digital devices will not be accepted. 

What happens at the hearing?

The city will present its case, you will have an opportunity to speak directly to the magistrate, and the magistrate will make the final decision as to whether the fine will be reduced and if so, reduced to what amount.

If the fine is reduced, how long do I have to pay?

Typically, the Magistrate will offer a time-range from one (1) month to (6) months to pay the reduced amount. If the amount due is not paid by the date agreed upon by the Magistrate and property owner, the lien will revert to the original amount.

What happens if I cannot pay the amount when it is due? Can I get an extension?

You may submit a written request to extend the date due, but there is no guarantee the date will be extended.  The extension request must go back before the magistrate for approval.

When will the lien be released?

Once the amount of the reduced lien is paid, the lien will be released and recorded with the Broward Clerk of Courts. Please allow approximately 7-10 business days for the lien release process.