Escrow Release of Lien Process FAQ's

What is a Escrow Release of Lien?

If a property owner requests a reduction of fine for a case that is NOT in compliance, AND there is a pending transaction, the Escrow Release of Lien process is used. The Escrow Release of Lien is an agreement between the property seller, buyer and the City of Coral Springs to correct specific violations by a specific time in order to reduce a lien amount.

Who can enter into a Escrow Release of Lien?

The current owner of the property and the buyer who is listed on a valid Real Estate contract. Both the buyer and seller must authorize the application.

Does the property have to be in compliance first?

No, the property cannot be in compliance in order to qualify for the Escrow Release of Lien process.

How much does it cost?

There is a $300.00 application fee per case.

I have multiple cases with a lien, can they go on the same application?

No, each code case requesting a reduction must have its own application.

Can I submit the application online?

Application requires an original signature and therefore must be mailed to or dropped off at City Hall.

Do I have to go to a hearing?

The Director of Development Services will review the application and determine the terms of the Escrow Release of Lien.

Do I have to have an attorney represent me?

No. You may hire an attorney if you wish.

Will I have to have an inspection on my property?

Yes, the city will perform an initial inspection on the property and determine if the property qualifies. This may result in new violations. When the agreement between the owner, buyer and the City of Coral Springs is drawn up, you will be notified of the violations that need to be corrected and time frame for those corrections. Inspections will take place at different intervals to ensure compliance is being met.

How long will the process take?

The process may take approximately 3-6 weeks.

I have a sales contract on my house, does that matter?

Yes, in order to qualify for a Escrow Release of Lien there must be a valid pending legal transaction.

If the fine is reduced, how long do I have to pay?

The Escrow Release of Lien will outline when fines must be paid.

What happens if I cannot comply violations by the deadline dates? Can I get an extension?

You may submit a written request to extend the date due, but there is no guarantee the date will be extended. The request must be made before the deadline date.

When will the lien be released?

Once the amount of the reduced lien is paid, the lien will be released and recorded with the Broward Clerk of Courts. Please allow approximately 7-10 business days for the lien release process.