Barred Lien Review

Who can apply for Barred Lien Review?

The current owner of the property, or the original respondent, the person or entity’s name that appears on the recorded lien.

Does the property have to be in compliance first?

No, but any violations on the property need to be corrected within the specified amount of time so the case does not progress any further. 

How much does it cost?

There is a 300.00 application fee per case.

I have multiple cases with a lien; can they go on the same application?

No, each code case requesting a reduction must have its own application.

Can I submit the application online?

The application requires a signature and therefore must be mailed or dropped off at City Hall

Do I have to go to a hearing?

No, the case is reviewed by the City Attorney’s Office.

Do I have to have an attorney represent me?

You may complete the barred lien process without an attorney.  You may hire an attorney if you wish.

Will I have to have an inspection on my property?

Yes, the inspection is to make sure that there are no current violations on the property.

How long will the process take?

The process will take approximately two (2) to four (4) weeks.

I have a sales contract on my house, does that matter?

Yes, properties that have a signed sales contract do receive priority processing.

Will the case have to go to a hearing?

No, the case does not have to go to a Special Magistrate Hearing. The City Attorney’s Office reviews all documents.

May I contact the City Attorney’s Office to talk about my case?

Anyone from the Code Compliance Department may assist you with your questions regarding the barred lien process.  

What happens if the lien is barred?

If the lien is barred, the total lien amount will be reduced to administrative cost.  Administrative cost consists of recording cost, abatement cost, inspection fees and hearing fees. You will be sent an invoice for those costs once the lien is determined to be barred.

What happens if I cannot pay the amount when it is due? Can I get an extension?

Once the lien is deemed barred, the amount due does not change. The city does request that the lien be paid within six (6) months of the date the lien is deemed barred.

When will the lien be released?

Once the amount of the reduced lien is paid, the lien will be released and recorded with the Broward Clerk of Courts.