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The City of Coral Springs is divided into geographic divisions and each division is assigned to a specific code officer. Code Compliance Officers only monitor properties located within the City of Coral Springs. Locate your neighborhood and code officer.

Code Zone Map rev. June 2022
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Aaron Newman

Code Compliance Officer, 954-344-1017

Amrit Singh

Code Compliance Officer, 954-344-5964

Anthony Flores

Code Compliance Supervisor, 954-344-5955

Brian Moberg

Code Compliance Officer, 954-344-5964

Cathy Murphy

Code Compliance Supervisor, 954-344-5954

Fitzgerald Simmons

Code Compliance Officer, 954-344-1138

Geoffrey Oldehoff

Code Compliance Officer III/FTO, 954-344-5931

Mark Garofalo

Code Compliance Officer II, 954-344-5964

Nickeya Clowers

Code Compliance Inspector, 954-345-5964

Jason DeVlugt

Code Compliance Officer, 954-345-5964