Business Tax Registration


Any person, entrepreneur, corporation or entity that engages in any business, occupation or profession in the City of Coral Springs is required to purchase a Business Tax Receipt from the City of Coral Springs. This includes businesses with a commercial location as well as home-based businesses and those with virtual offices with a Coral Springs address.

Step 2.Filing application

  • Applications can be filled out online, printed and submitted through mail, e-mail, or can be dropped off at City Hall.
  • The application must include the required documents. If a fictitious name is used, a copy of the registration from the State of Florida must be provided.
  • Business Tax Applications are processed within 7-10 business days. 

Step 3.Payment

  • Once a Business Tax Application is approved, payments may be submitted by mail or in person at City Hall 9500 West Sample Road, online or over the phone with a credit card.
  • The cost of a Business Tax Receipt varies according to the type of business and must be renewed annually.
  • If business tax is not paid within one hundred fifty (150) days after the initial notice of the tax due, the business is subject to civil actions and penalties, including hearing fees, reasonable attorney's fees, and additional administrative costs incurred as a result of the collection efforts, and a penalty of two hundred and fifty dollars ($250.00).

Step 4.Important Info

  • By ordinance, a business is not allowed to operate prior to the Business Tax Application being approved and the receipt posted at the place of business.
  • Each business at a location needs its own business tax receipt. 
  • Business Tax Receipts are non-refundable.
  • There will be a yearly business tax inspection on all businesses.
  • There are several exemptions to the requirement for a local business tax receipt.  For example, educational institutions, charitable institutions, places of worship, veterans, or for businesses with less than $1,000 in capital, persons over age 65, disabled persons, or widows.
  • See Florida Statutes Chapter 205 for more information and notify us if your business is eligible for an exemption.
  • Local business tax receipts expire September 30 of each year. Courtesy renewal notices are mailed to the address of record each year in July or August and are due by September 30.  If payment is received after:
  • October 1, a 10% penalty will apply
  • November 1, a 15% penalty will apply
  • December 1, a 20% penalty will apply
  • January 1, a 25% penalty will apply


Step 1.Make a change 

If you would like to change the:

  • location of your business to another location within Coral Springs
  • ownership of your business OR
  • name of your business

You must notify the city by completing a Business Transfer application.

There is a transfer fee of 10% of the business tax rate for the type of business, which will be invoiced once the application is approved.

If you are changing the mailing address of your business, please contact us by e-mailing or call 954-344-5964 with the information and your records will be updated.

Step 2.Ceased Operations

If your business has ceased operations, or has moved outside the City of Coral Springs, please notify us by e-mailing or call 954-344-5964 to inactivate the business tax account.