Abandoned Registration


The abandoned residential registration program ensures communication between the lender and the city regarding any potential or existing violations. Contact information provided to the city will ensure constant communication between the city and the property owner.  This will not only help to preserve property values, but will also ensure the health, safety, and general welfare of neighborhoods in which these properties exist. The program has been beneficial in maintaining the aesthetics of the community and deterring crime at the same time.

In an effort to curtail the problem of abandoned and neglected properties, the City Commission on June 3, 2008 adopted Ordinance 2008-109 establishing Chapter 16 ½ in the Land Development Code, requiring lenders to register(PDF, 70KB) vacant and or abandoned residential buildings with the city's Code Compliance Division. 

Properties that have been abandoned, soon become overgrown. Structures that are left open and unsecured have a negative impact on community value and create conditions that invite criminal activity.  All of these issues foster an environment that is unsafe and unhealthy for the community. It is for these reasons that abandoned properties must be maintained so as not to create nuisance conditions.


Who has to register and what must they do?

Mortgagees of abandoned residential real property, holding a mortgage that is in default, must register the property through the Registration of Abandoned Real Property.

The mortgagee is responsible for posting a sign (that meets city ordinance requirements) on the property, clearly visible from the street, containing the same contact information. 

The mortgagee pays an annual registration fee of $150 per property that expires one year after registration.  It must be renewed each year until the property is sold or is no longer in default on the mortgage.

The mortgagee, or designee, must inspect the abandoned property on a bi-weekly basis and correct any code violations, which may exist.

Mortgagee must contact the Code Compliance Division and update the application information, if any information has changed since the original application was submitted. i.e. local contact company, phone number, etc.

Register(PDF, 70KB)
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DISCLAIMER: The answers below are intended to provide guidance for commonly asked questions. However, these answers do not cover every scenario and do not replace the adopted provisions of Ordinance 2008-109, which controls the administration of the program.