Building Safety Inspection Electronic Submittal


Step 1.Create an Online Account

Getting Started

Step 3.Review "How to Submit" Instructions

Please click on the How to Submit tab above to review the submittal instructions. Please note that reports and submittal form must be uploaded as separate PDF files.

Step 4.You are ready to submit!

 Submit Online

How to Submit

Step 1.Step 1:

Log-in to your public or contractor account.

Step 2.Step 2:

Enter your project number & select your project.

Step 3.Step 3:

Fees must be paid first.

Step 4.Step 4:

Each attachment must be uploaded separately and named as follows:

  1. Submittal Form
  2. Structural Inspection Report
  3. Electrical Inspection Report
  4. Inspection Photos

Step 5.Step 5:

Click on attachment (upper left-hand corner) & upload your reports with the submittal form.