Information Technology

Stephen Dyer

Stephen Dyer serves as the Director of Information Technology for the City of Coral Springs. Prior to his promotion to Director, in January 2019, he served as a Network Engineer, Infrastructure Manager and Assistant Director. He first joined the City of Coral Springs as a database analyst in 2013.

A long-time public servant, Dyer joined Broward County’s Water and Wastewater Services in 1990 as a Maintenance Worker. He was continuously promoted, becoming a Utilities Mechanic when he began to educate himself about the technology side of operations at the water plant. In 1999 he transferred to Broward County’s Water and Wastewater Information Technology Division as a Help Desk Coordinator. After another series of promotions, he became a Systems Network Analyst, supervising a team of desktop support staff and overseeing server and storage administration.

Recognizing the City of Coral Springs had great opportunity for growth and offered educational advancement, Dyer made the transition from county to municipal government. After joining the city, he attended Barry University and earned a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology and a master’s degree in Public Administration. When asked about his lengthy career in the public sector, Dyer says, “Private industry is all about profits and making money for the shareholders. In the public sector you get to serve the people, not the shareholders. That is why I selected this career path.”

Dyer feels the city has a fantastic culture which allowed him to build and develop a team of employees who work together better than any other similar-sized municipal IT department in the entire country. His diverse team consists of highly certified analysts who work cohesively while producing at an exceptional level. This culture is fostered by the city’s simple philosophy of “truly caring for our employees”.  Dyer also appreciates the support received from the City Manager’s Office which allows him to invest in his staff by providing exceptional training opportunities to the employees in his department.

As for Dyer’s goals as Director of IT, he would like to modernize the core business applications and improve the ability for customers to do more business with the city online, all while keeping the city’s networks safe from cyber-threats.