City Clerk's Office

The City of Coral Springs City Clerk’s Office serves the community by administering city elections, maintaining official city records, noticing public meetings and public hearings, managing city board and committee appointments, preparing agendas and minutes of the City Commission, fulfilling public records requests, and maintaining all city ordinances and resolutions.

Department Head


Georgia Elliott, CMC, FCRM

City Clerk Georgia Elliott oversees all department operations and serves as the city’s municipal supervisor of elections and records custodian.

There are three broad responsibilities of the City Clerk’s Office, as defined by City Charter or by Ordinance.

1. Provide notice of all public meetings in accordance with the State of Florida Sunshine Law, ensure that minutes of all city proceedings are prepared, and preserve and maintain the records in accordance with the State of Florida Public Records Law.

2. Act as the Municipal Elections Clerk for the city in Broward County, State of Florida, accept and remit qualifying fees, accept and post candidacy forms and legally required candidate reports, proclaim and advertise city elections and receive certified election results from the County Supervisor of Elections.

3. Act as the designated custodian of public records of the city and serve as the city’s main Records Management Liaison Officer (RMLO) as required by the State of Florida.

In accordance with the Broward County Ethics Ordinance, the City of Coral Springs has developed an online contact log system for lobbyists to document their communication with covered individuals of the city, as defined by Section 1-19, Code of Ethics for Elected Officials. The information entered into the city’s “Lobbyist Contact Disclosure” system will be filed for public inspection on the city’s website.

Registered Lobbyist List

Lobbyists who are meeting with covered individuals at City Hall may use an iPad in the Commission Office to log the meeting.

Please note: You must register as a lobbyist before you complete this form. Please contact the City Clerk’s Office at 954-344-1065 if you need any assistance.

City Commission


Election Information

Seat 1 Mayor, two-year term (2022-2024)
Seat 2 Commissioner, four year term (2022-2026)
Seat 3 Commissioner, four-year term (2020-2024)
Seat 4 Commissioner, four-year team (2022-2026)
Seat 5 Commissioner, four-year term (2020-2024)

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Becoming a Candidate

For information, please contact:
City Clerk Georgia Elliott