Public Comment Form

Our regularly scheduled City Commission meetings welcome public comments.

Those who wish to give public comments must submit a request in writing no later than the day/evening of the City Commission.

If the speaker plans to present handouts or other information to the commission, please have the materials organized and hand the applicable materials to the City Clerk.

Public Comment Procedure

  • The Mayor will recognize public commenter(s).
  • Public commenter(s) will state their name and address. If the public commenter is representing a group or organization, it should be addressed at this time. *If speaker is underage of 18, please do not state an address.
  • Public comment is limited to three minutes per individual.
  • The yellow light on the timer at the podium indicates that the speaker has 30 seconds or less to conclude comments.  
  • In light of time constraints, if a previous speaker has already made your point, we ask you to simply make a statement such as "I concur with the remarks of the previous speaker."
  • The purpose of the public comments portion of the agenda is to hear from citizens as opposed to making an on-the-spot decision regarding your concerns.  Speakers should not expect a reply or answer from the commission.  

Public Comment Form