Public Art Committee


Appointed by the City Commission, the Public Art Committee (PAC) is an official civic body with seven members, two alternates and one advisory high school student. Each member has a term of three years (please refer to the Public Art Program Chapter 6 from the city’s Land Development Code). The Committee is responsible for preparing the program guidelines and the public art plans; selecting all public artworks for the City of Coral Springs; and reviewing and approving all public artworks on private properties.


The Public Art Committee shall consist of seven (7) members, each serving a three (3) year term of office, plus an additional two (2) alternates and one (1) non-voting high school student who shall be appointed by the City Commission. The alternate members may substitute for any member of the committee who is unable to be present at a scheduled committee meeting.

Membership of the public art committee shall include:

  • Two (2) individuals chosen from the following disciplines: landscape architecture, urban planning, engineering, or a related design discipline;
  • One (1) professional artist;
  • Two (2) private citizens, knowledgeable in the field of public art, education, or community affairs;
  • One (1) private citizen from the development community;
  • One (1) arts professional with experience in arts administration, arts education, fine art galleries, public art, museums or other professional arts organizations; and
  • One (1) high school student who shall be a non-voting member.
  • Two (2) alternates

All members shall reside, own property, or work in the city. However, four (4) of the seven (7) voting members must be residents or property owners in the City of Coral Springs.