Coral Springs Improvement District (CSID) Tree Removal Project

  • Project scheduleApril 2023 - April 2024

Coral Springs Improvement District (CSID), a separately run water district that primarily services the southwest portion of Coral Springs, will be conducting a Stormwater Resiliency and Safety project. The project will involve the removal of some trees and vegetation that are improperly located too close to canals and pose a flooding hazard in extreme weather.   


During Hurricane Irma, Coral Springs experienced near hurricane-force winds that felled many trees inappropriately located along the canals rights-of-way. Fortunately, Coral Springs was not hit with the most severe winds produced by the storm and the trees that fell were in minor canals. Still, 4,000 cubic yards of vegetative debris were removed from the CSID canals.

Today, a significant number of large trees remain on the right-of-way. The trees remain a risk to fall into and block the canal due to strong winds. If the canals become obstructed, there will be flooding. The stormwater resiliency program is a proactive step to ensure the canals remain unobstructed and can convey water to the pumping stations. CSID is managing the project with oversight by engineering firm, Globaltech.

What Residents Should Expect

  • Daytime work between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.
  • Work will take place from barges in the canals and right-of-way.
  • Adjacent properties should expect noise from chainsaws and other types of large equipment. The project team is aware of and will comply with local noise ordinances.
  • Adjacent properties should expect irrigation interruptions. Irrigation systems will need to be off during the construction.

Implementation and Management

The project is being managed by Coral Springs Improvement District (CSID), with oversight by engineering firm, Globaltech.

The project will be divided in four (4) phases. The following map provides a view of the 4 phases: North, South, East, West. The project will commence in the North Phase, followed by South, East, and West.  It will take approximately three (3) months to compete each phase. Excluding unforeseen circumstances and inclement weather, the project would be completed within one year. 

CSID Canal Maintenance 4 Phases