Road Resurfacing Project

  • Project typeARPA Funds
  • Project scheduleEstimated to begin in June 2023

This project is part of the Streets Division’s ongoing roadway resurfacing program for city roadways. City roads need to be resurfaced every 25 years to improve their long-term conditions. Every five years the city hires a company to perform pavement management on our city streets. This process involves extensive measurements and mapping of pavement distresses. Utilizing this information, a Pavement Condition Index (PCI) value to the road. The PCI determines the worst condition roadways that need resurfacing.

Neighborhoods include:

  • Maplewood Phase II (area between University Drive and Coral Springs Drive, NW 11th Manor and NW 16th Street)
  • Brokenwoods Estates (area between NW 38th Street and Sample Road, University Drive and Brokenwoods Drive)

In total 4.3 miles of roadways will be resurfaced. The project is planned to start in FY23, and should take approximately 2 1/2 months to complete.




Brokenwoods Estates

Brokenwoods map