Special Events Permit


Step 1.Gather Documents

Before you begin the application process, make sure you have the following

  • Proof of liability insurance listing the City of Coral Springs as additionally insured with a minimum of $1 million dollars
  • Site plan including aerial showing where the event will take place, location, set-back (25 feet from street or corner), 12 feet of access for emergency vehicles
  • Letter from owner of property giving permission to host the event
  • Letter from non-profit (all temp use permits shall be tied to a local/national charity)
  • Sign sample and size (only one allowed; should only indicate name, location, logo, time and date – 32 square feet)
  • Temporary liquor license, if serving alcohol
  • A police detail required, if serving alcohol. Contact 954-346-1312 or email ABacker@coralspring.gov.
  • A fire watch is required if cooking outside. Contact 954-346-1735 or email LWeiss@coralsprings.gov.

Step 2.Apply

  • You will need to create an eTRAKIT account. Learn more


Once logged in click “Apply/ New Permit” 

Step 3.Review Process

The Special Events Department will review each application and make sure all requirements are meant. If documents are missing, city staff will contact you. 

Step 4.Payment

If approved, a member from the Special Events Department will contact you to provide the following:

  • Payment of non-refundable fee; varies from $50 to $200.
  • Certificate of Insurance listing the City of Coral Springs as an additional insurer.