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Published on October 01, 2022

Chief Brad McKeone

As we start the month of October, I cannot help but think of all of those impacted by Hurricane Ian just a few days ago. The City of Coral Springs is fortunate to have been spared the most devastating effects of the storm, but many of our fellow Floridians were not as lucky. I ask that you keep those affected by the storm in your thoughts and prayers. If you plan on donating goods and supplies, please make sure you are giving to a reputable organization. Hurricane season continues through November 30, so please make sure you are prepared in the event of additional storms.   

We are almost two months into the start of the school year and I want to thank all the school staff who worked hard to make it successful. On September 16, I attended the Principal Education Group meeting along with city staff and principals from the majority of public, private and charter schools in the city. The passion and pride that the principals spoke with about their schools and the programs being implemented by their staff is truly inspirational. We are lucky to have passionate and dedicated principals serving our students in Coral Springs, where we have always emphasized the importance of education for our children. I know that you do not hear it nearly enough, thank you for what you do!   

This year Halloween falls on a weekday – Monday, October 31. Please be  mindful of trick-or-treaters and their families while out on the roadway. If you will be out with your children, here are a few tips:

  • Plan your route and try to use streets that are familiar to your children.
  • Take a picture of your child before you start trick or treating – there are a lot of “ghosts” out that night and helping find them may be challenging!
  • Be sure to bring your cell phone and give your child an information card with your name and cell phone number on it in case you get separated.
  • Always have use reflective clothing or tape on your child’s costume and use a flashlight during nighttime hours.    

By mid-October, we will complete dispatch expansion project with the City of Coconut Creek. I want to thank everyone who has worked on this project. The amount of effort that went into this project to make it a success was nothing short of amazing. The non-emergency number for the residents of Coconut Creek after the expansion is 954-346-4400. To all the residents of Coconut Creek, we look forward to providing the highest level of service possible.

The holiday season will be here before we know it. Too often, opportunistic criminals’ prey on holiday shoppers. When you are out shopping for holiday gifts, stay alert. Remember to park your car in a well-lit area and secure valuables inside your trunk before arriving at another destination or take them inside with you. When you return to your vehicle, have your keys in hand so that you can quickly unlock the door and get in. A few minutes of prevention can save you from becoming a victim of a crime this holiday season. As always, if you see something or someone suspicious, Make a Call – Make a Difference and call our non-emergency number 954-344-1800.

As a reminder, The Coral Springs Police Department lobby and parking lot serves as a Safe Zone for Online Transactions! More people rely on online sites and apps to buy or sell items. Sadly, criminals also utilizing this technology to take advantage of unsuspecting victims, robbing them of their money and property. We encourage you to use our parking lot and lobby (2801 Coral Springs Drive) as a safe zone for online transactions. The lobby is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and of course, our officers and communications personnel work around the clock. If you propose a meeting place at the police department and the person buying or selling refuses, we suggest you find another buyer or seller.

If you will be out of town, remember to utilize our vacation watch program to ensure your home is safe and secure while you are not there. 

Lastly, October 28 is National First Responder Day. Please join me in thanking all those who go out every day to keep us safe.   

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Bradley McKeone

Chief of Police



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