Citizen Spotlight - Chris Moore

Published on February 03, 2023

Chris Moore owner of ArtBag for Black History Month

Entrepreneur Brings the Art of Repairing Well-Loved Goods to Coral Springs

With the accessibility and ease of online retailers and big-box stores, it’s tempting today to simply swap an old or damaged accessory, handbag, or piece of clothing for a new one, even at the expense of quality. Yet, one local small business owner is on a mission to bring back the art of restoring and repairing goods for years of longevity and enjoyment.

Chris Moore, owner of Coral Springs-based Artbag Creations, Inc. (927 N. University Drive) breathes new life into old or well-loved leather bags, accessories, furniture, and other various goods by providing on-site repair and cleaning services.

Founded in New York City in 1932, Artbag was originally considered the “secret” of New York’s society and celebrity circles – bringing the ultimate in top-quality leather goods, high fashion, and reasonable prices to savvy New Yorkers and customers worldwide. In 2022, 90 years after its founding, the company made the move to South Florida, settling in Coral Springs. Today, at their Coral Springs location, their focus on craftsmanship and personalized service has earned them loyal clients across the South Florida region and beyond. Moore says Coral Springs offers a convenient location that is easily accessible to their Florida customers.

“Coral Springs is centrally located for my clients,” Moore said. “I have many in Boca, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami. It’s a 20 to 40-minute drive from these locations.”

As a black entrepreneur, Black History Month is a special time for Moore to reflect on what it means to be a black small business owner.

“I want to be a model that future entrepreneurs look to for inspiration,” Moore said. “Black History Month is a time to reflect on the past achievements of other African American, which inspires me to build upon the foundation they have created.”

As for Artbag’s, future, Moore hopes that the business will be around for years to come and even hopes to open a second location.

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