City’s Website Transitions to

Published on June 15, 2022


Coral Springs, FL - The City of Coral Springs has officially changed its domain name from to as of June 2022.  

The switch is part of a national security effort to streamline and more easily identify government websites. When government organizations use a .gov domain name to provide public services and information online, the consistent extension makes it easy to know that the domain’s services are official. It also makes the site less susceptible to online scammers, imitation, and fraud.

City officials say that the name change will not impact the interface of the website or city email.

“The transition to .gov will not change the look or usability of our website that is already familiar to our residents and businesses,” Stephen Dyer, I.T. Director. “What it will do is assure the public they are visiting the official page for the City of Coral Springs when conducting business or obtaining information.”

The city encourages residents to update their browser, bookmark, and e-contacts with the new domain. All emails and website visits will forward to until the migration is complete.