Resource Management and Conservation


Properly managing our economic, social, and environmental resources helps to ensure their long-term availability. The Resource Management and Conservation focus area strives to enhance our resources through programs and policies that are aimed at management and conservation.

Promote a culture of waste reduction, energy efficiency, and sustainability through education, municipal operation, infrastructure, and services. 


  • Track the amount of waste generated at city facilities and city events
  • Reduce waste at city facilities and city-run events by 20% every 5 years
  • Go 100% paperless by 2030, or when necessary use recycled paper
  • Develop a pesticide-free campaign
  • Develop and monitor replacement plans for city assets
  • Host annual operational sustainability employee focus groups
  • Develop an annual five-year forecast for funds

Enhance the resiliency of native species and steward our natural resources.


  • Increase the city’s tree canopy coverage to at least 35% by 2025
  • Increase the community’s participation in Broward County’s NatureScape Program and/or National Wildlife Federation by 15% by 2027
  • Increase water quality through water pollution prevention educational campaigns
  • Develop waste reduction and natural resource conservation educational campaigns
  • Reduce potable water consumption through water conservation educational campaigns